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CISSP Exam 2021 Prep

Hello Fellow CISSPs,


I am new to the forum here and just finished the CISSP training class and preparing for the Exam. Can anyone of you point me to right direction for extra study materials and the key subjects for the exam?

Thanks in advance for your input and looking forward to hearing from you.




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There is a CISSP study group forum here:


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Hi - you can consider many extra materials that would probably be worth your time. It takes a lot of time, but I really got a lot out of the Official Study Guide. The most useful thing for me, though, was questions - you can get access to the online Sybex test bank with the Official Guide, the questions from the Official Practice Tests, and the phone app as well. Those should be quite a lot to start with. If you need more, there are tons of places you can get them - for example, the All-in-One CISSP book comes with a bunch more questions.

If you would find value in how I studied and passed, you can check out my prior post for more details.

Hope that helped - good luck!
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And there's no single source of truth for the exam, meaning, you can't just use one resource and expect to pass. Use a variety of resources as one might have some information the others don't. If you search on here how other's have passed the exam, you'll see them reference a list of resources and providing grading on their usefulness.


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The CISSP All-in-One Study Guide, formerly written by Shon Harris (RIP) has been a staple since I studied for, took, and passed the CISSP examination in 2007. 


I recommend taking practice exams until you can pass them at 90% or better.


Best wishes in your endeavor,


Dr. Jan S. Buitron, DCS, MSIA, CISSP

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