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Newcomer III

Introduction - ISC2 board of directors candidate - Lee Kim JD CISSP CIPP/US

Hello! I also wanted to share information about me, Lee Kim, as an ISC2 board of directors candidate.


Briefly, I'm a non-profit professional who works as a cybersecurity and data privacy SME for the healthcare sector. But I am also a board member of InfraGard Northern Capital Region and I served as an officer and director for a local chapter of HIMSS before I started working there. (I joined HIMSS in 2013.) HIMSS is the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.


I am an advocate and champion for the member's voice with experience working with governments and stakeholders in the US and internationally. Some stakeholders I've worked with include the public and private stakeholders in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, Portugal, Pakistan, and Italy. Additionally, I work with members/volunteers/stakeholders in the US and outside the US, including India, Uganda, Sweden, and elsewhere.


My focus is not just healthcare, but critical infrastructure and other industries. I volunteer with the US Department of Homeland Security Analytic Exchange Program (currently serving with the maritime and port cybersecurity team). I also volunteer with the National Cybersecurity Training and Education Center as a visiting committee member (reviewing the work of NCyTE - a program dedicated to enabling 2-year and 4-year colleges achieve academic cybersecurity certifications, such as via the NSA CAE program).


In terms of skills, my strengths include governance, collaboration, public speaking, writing, and analysis. I've had a non-traditional career path in cybersecurity and as an attorney. I worked for several years in IT and then decided to go to law school to apply my knowledge. I had my sights set on being an intellectual property attorney. I practiced for 10 years (I'm a registered US patent attorney and licensed in a few US jurisdictions too) and then left private practice to join HIMSS as a privacy and cybersecurity SME.


Since that time, I've contributed to US federal cybersecurity law (codified at 6 USC 1533 and currently in force) (suggesting language that ultimately was incorporated into law by the US Senate HELP Committee). I've also worked with other Congressional committees and helped to advocate for veterans (through technology).


I have also helped governments with their cybersecurity educational and legislative initiatives.


I am committed to:

  1. Ensuring that ISC2 collaborates and integrates US and international communities
  2. ISC2 members learning from each other (and the organization being a convener/conduit/means for these things)
  3. Listening to our (ISC2) members and learning from them.
  4. Leading through collaboration and creativity.
  5. Making sure that language is not a barrier.


These are things that I am most passionate about. And I've committed myself to being a member-focused, collaborative professional.


Please do feel free to reach out and I thank you for your time and consideration. And, please do share with your colleagues!


Grazie mille !








And please feel free to connect with me:

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