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Women in Cybersecurity

Women in Cybersecurity: A SANS Survey Panel Discussion will be led on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 1PM EST. Register today


In this webcast, Heather Mahalik and Marika Chauvin will discuss results from their Women in Cybersecurity survey. They'll address such topics as the:


  • Importance (or lack thereof) of a degree in cybersecurity
  • Keys to advancement
  • Value in specialization
  • Contribution of introversion to challenges faced
  • Importance of both sides of the mentoring equation
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Defender I

I missed the SANS Panel, but because fo Rachel's @AppDefects note here, took a look at the (ISC)2 Workforce Study Report, Women in Cybersecurity. A most interesting aspect of that report is that (ISC)2 changed the criteria for identifying cybersecurity workers compared to previous workforce studies, and as a result, the 2019 report shows 24% of the cybersecurity workforce as women, compared to 11% shown in the 2017 report.


Also significant, according to the 2019 report women are reaching senior manager and corporate officer positions at a higher rate than men in cybersecurity.


I recommend reading the full report; it is not long and is well laid out for quick understanding. 




D. Cragin Shelton, DSc
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Contributor I

Hi App Defects,


Was this discussion recorded? If so, is it available on the SANS site, or perhaps YouTube?


I now prefer the term 'Champion' to the word 'Mentor.' The "me Too" movement has sadly clouded opportunities for 'mentorship' in technology, yet I believe that there are workarounds.


Please keep me in the loop,


Dr. Jan Shuyler Buitron

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