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Seeking Guidance on Starting a Career in Cybersecurity after Obtaining CC Certification

I have recently obtained the CC Certification, and I am seeking guidance on the next steps to start a career in the field of cybersecurity. Upon reviewing LinkedIn, I have noticed that most of the job listings are for experienced roles. I would appreciate your suggestions on the best approach to secure an entry-level position in cybersecurity. Thank you for your assistance.

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@Caute_cautim posted an article under a thread on OT security but the advice there can be applied here:


  1. Read about Cybersecurity
  2. Attend a training
  3. Volunteer your time/skills in organizations especially the not for profit ones or share your knowledge by the ways of trainings in schools/colleges
  4. Join Professional groups focusing on Cybersecurity
  5. Try to get hands-on experience
  6. Get yourself Certified

You already have probably done 1 and 6. Congrats.


Not sure where you are located but joining a professional group can help build your network.  If you do not have local group, there are virtual groups that you can attend (I know that the (ISC)2 Central Florida Chapter still have virtual meetings and so do the San Diego chapter).


Also check out the member side of (ISC)2, they produce lots of seminars, videos, etc that you can use to enhance your knowledge.

Look for vendor trainings that may be available on different products.  Many of these are also virtual.


Getting experience, volunteer for a local charity, not for profits, etc......


Find a mentor (remember they do not have to be in Security) but should be someone that can provide insights, help with your resume, etc.


Hope this helps a little.