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Newcomer III

Safari Online Books benefit?

Just curious, but does ISC^2 offer access to the Safari Online books library? A previous employer did, and it was a fine resource to have access to. Individual access is about $400 a year, totally worth it if used frequently, but as I only have occasional need of it, just wondering if that was something ISC^2 offered? If not, please consider this a suggestion as a member benefit we could look into, to perhaps get at least discounted access.


Regardless, it's a great resource when you need to look up that one techie thing.

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Newcomer I

Jesse, great question! I agree with you, Safari Online is a great resource to have access to. However, I don't think ISC^2 offers that service to certified professional. Hopefully, they will some day...



Viewer III

Yes, it's a great question.  I am a newcomer to isc2 myself and was browsing the community forum when I ran across your question.  



Community Champion

I have used that service and even bought it for my employees before.


I have found that here in the US, in my state, both the state library and the county library offer it to those who have library cards. It costs me nothing and, even though it is not all of Safari books, it is a large enough subset that I have found what I was looking for. And did I mention it is free?

Check with your library.

Contributor I

I get Safari books through the DOD, and consider it a nice perk, even though I don't use it all that often. I don't think I'd pony up $400 for it, although as a free perk it's pretty nice. I think it's much better than Books 24x7