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Newcomer I

Remote Work / WFH - Opinions?

I may have a location move in the next few years and remote work has come on my radar.


People that either do or have done FT Remote / WFH...


How long have you done it?

Is the pay commensurate with Onsite?

What are some things to know?

How much travel are you required to do (or do you do)?

Was it a good decision to make the change?


Oh and of course...  Anyplace it particular I should be looking for remote jobs? (Other than the usual places)


Thanks in advance.


3 Replies
Newcomer II

I'd be interested in this information as well- I'm in the process of trying to move 1200 miles south to Central Florida where my brother lives and a remote work job would be immensely beneficial!  But I do worry about some of the cons (and I'm sure there are some, otherwise most IT pros would probably be doing it). 


Certainly social interaction is one con, especially for those that are people oriented and less of an introvert.

Advocate II

From what I've read elsewhere the downside is likely to be:

- Lack of social interaction / potential increased isolation

- Lack of clear time structure to your day (breaks/finish times etc.)

- The break down of any division between being home and being at work

- Practicalities of office space, doing your own IT support etc.

- Feeling a little out of the loop on what else is happening in your company

Community Champion

I have had the opportunity to do it in the past and sporadically where I work. Never 100% full-time though. When doing it you must be able to prove your worth to the company. I have seen people misuse it and ruin it for other people. You need to be good a t communication and be prompt in your responses. Successful telework or WFH (Work from home) requires the ability to be able to reach employees quickly. With Skype, VPN access and reliable internet access, you can pretty much work from anywhere, you just have to be responsive.