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Independent consultant

I m an 22yrs IT veteran, have worked as developer,architect,DBA as well as PM, predominantly in Finance and banking domain. I m one of the starting member of PAAS offering by IBM (started in 2003). Now working as a cloud architect and going to write the CCSP certification exam in june. My target is to work as an independent cyber security consultant. Do you think this is a correct move?

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I've been doing this as a consultant for 2+ years and the experience is interesting, but a nerve-racking. If you are on GRC side of things, you may have it a bit easier than on a technical side.


Know and chose your clients wisely, get incorporated and insured, unless you are looking at W2 engagements.

Newcomer I

Hi arindamk,


I think that is a great move!


Being a cloud architect and CCSP will give you the skills that are currently very much looked for.


When you have the right contacts, you can probably find more work than you can actually handle by yourself 🙂


I wish I was that skilled and certified when I was 22 years old.


Good luck in your career progress!


Kind regards,

Ger van Hees


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Reader II

You seem to have a handle on the qualifications and experience but being a consultant is also a mindset - it's a different way to work.


There is also the question of how much a change it would be for you to effectively strike out on your own rather than be part of a large organisation if that is what you are used to.


Some people love it and never go back, some people realise they much prefer to work within an organisation. Make sure you don't burn any bridges when you leave and even if it's not for you, with your skillset, I'm sure you'll be able to go back.


Good luck.