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Good and suitable Cyber security masters degree online ?

Hello All, 

I've been trying to find a good and suitable online cybersecurity masters degree online, and trying to find some recommendations and available options. 


Thanks in advance ^__^ 



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Good luck
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As some of the other replies have suggested schools that are aligned with the NSA/DHS Centers of Academic Excellence ("CAE") - I recommend you start with that list:


Different degree programs will have slightly different focus points, and that will likely be a matter of personal taste.  For example, some will focus more on policy and governance (likely M.A. programs), while others may focus a bit more on technical skills (likely M.S. programs).  I would focus on browsing these schools' programs to find one that both sings to your heart and your wallet.  That is, especially if your employer has a relationship with certain schools (and many do!) to offer discounted rates or tuition reimbursement.


I can recommend at least two schools: 


Western Governors University.  I acquired my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Security there.  As others have stated, this is going to be entirely at your own pace based on your own motivation and time management.  It is nearly 100% traditional "distance learning" meaning that you complete projects (such as completing relevant industry certifications) or write research papers.  Unfortunately, upon scanning the list of NSA/DHS CAE schools, WGU was no longer identified.


Champlain University Online.  I am currently attending for a non-IT degree (Accounting), but this is more like a traditional course with 7 or 16-week classes requiring regular attendance and participation with fellow students.  They offer degrees with courses that have corresponding hands-on-lab exercises through virtual machines.  Although they are at the Masters level, they appear to be a bit more guided than other graduate degree programs out there.




Eric B.

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@CISOScott well I'm not working with any actually, in fact I'm not a US citizen 😄 

I'm trying to pursue with masters hopefully that will make things easier to join a US security related job. 



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Thanks a lot for the detailed description and info provided. 


highly appreciated, 


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Thanks all for your valuable inputs, Currently I'm checking with university called capella it has accreditation from Home land security and NSA , it kinda suits my budget and CISSP will waive around 20 credit hours. 


so hopefully things will go fine,


Thanks again to all of you ^__^ @Baechle@mouandaguy@CISOScott@Bergeman@awally

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Whatever program you choose, I would advise making sure the school is accredited by a something other (for example, a higher-ed, programmatic accreditor) than a generic regional/national accreditor.


For example, Colorado Tech likes to advertise they are accredited and have all kinds of online computer science programs... but with a school like that, if you have additional educational goals, you'll run into problems like I did. 


When I went back to where I went for my undergrad for another graduate degree, I did not get any consideration for any work done at Colorado Tech and I had to complete additional enrollment actions (take an entrance exam which could have been waived otherwise and audit two courses).


I don't even list Colorado Tech on my resume anymore.  It's something I regret and wish I could make the decision to go to school there over.  But my work (where I'm not even at anymore) seemed to like CTU so I just went along to get along.


There's some good suggestions in previous comments.  Just make sure that if you go to a private , for profit, not transparent school, to do your research first.  Look up their rankings, see what the average GPA is, what are the average GMAT, GRE, etc. scores for admission.  Look at the alumni network.  Be careful of an institution which advertises "job placement" -- another diploma mill red flag.  Look at research being done out of that school.  A lot of diploma mills, such as Colorado Tech don't require peer reviewed, published, and/or defended research.  Online programs may not either but they will leverage technology to keep the academic rigor at a high level.


p.s. Capella is another diploma mill.

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Wow, @mgoblue93 

Thanks a lot for the warning and this info, I will go through the mentioned university and leave the capella option out for now. 


I'll go through the unv. mentioned again. 


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You may want to check out Norwich University:

Community Champion

Though I currently attend the University of the Cumberlands PhD in Information Technology whose master's programs are NSA/DHS/CAE accredited, I would advise anyone to pursue online cyber security studies at the University of Maryland, University College. Not only are they a great choice for academics, but the networking options available there are second to NONE!



Lamont Robertson
Newcomer II


it depends on where you live in. I am from Italy and there are some University which allows you to follow the courses from home/office and so forth without any access limitation. After the degree, I will attend the Master that is also available in telecommute mode. Take note that for the exam, you need to go to the University and take the exam as the "standard courses" like other students do.