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Good and suitable Cyber security masters degree online ?

Hello All, 

I've been trying to find a good and suitable online cybersecurity masters degree online, and trying to find some recommendations and available options. 


Thanks in advance ^__^ 



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I disagree totally with you. When they say online, everything are  online even the exams. For the graduation ceremony  day,you have to choose if you can present or not.

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I am not sure what you find to be so disagreeable from my post about WGU. Its been fairly popular with a wide range of students, is all online and as far as I know or understand from others is that you do not have to attend a graduation ceremony.


Will pass on the grammar and sentence structure as I assume English is not your first language.


Can you explain the networking options?

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UPDATED 8/29/2018 to add SANS and other info.


There are quite a few schools offering good quality master's degrees in cybersecurity. Many have been mentioned in this thread. Based on my experience with colleagues over the years, My list for consideration includes the following:


SANS Institute

Norwich U.

University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

Capitol Technology University ( formerly Capitol College

Western Governor's University

American Public University / American Military University (

Colorado Technical University (CTU)

Southern Methodist U. (SMU)



Things to consider:

1. There are three business forms of schools:

Public : UMUC, WGU

Private non-profit: Norwich, CapTechU,  SMU,

For-profit commercial: SANS, Capella, APUS / AMU, Capella, Phoenix, Strayer


2. All legitimate schools, in any of the above categories, are accredited by one or more accrediting agencies that are members of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation
Exception: New schools take five or more years to develop the performance record needed to become certified. I recall when both AMU and SANS Institute began, and operated as high quality schools before they were certified. Today both are properly certified. If you are considering a non-accredited school that appears to actually conduct meaningful classes, research their status on seeking accreditation.


3. Diploma mills are for-profit scams that sell degrees with no real class effort, and are not accredited by a legitimate accrediting organization (CHEA member). Many such schools claim accreditation by other bogus accrediting organizations. Always check with for confirmation. If a school offers degrees based solely on "life experience" credit, it is a diploma mill. See for articles and a video on degree and accreditation mills. 


4. For profit schools that are properly accredited are not diploma mills. However, some students have reported bad experiences with some of them, as seen earlier in this thread.


5. Most online adult learning programs use asynchronous classes, so you only get to know your teachers and classmates through emails and online forums. Some have a combination of asynchronous and hybrid class session.


5. WGU is a unique case, particularly good for self-starters with high motivation. All courses are based on one-to-one performance contracts between teacher and student. You pay a flat fee for each term, and can earn as many credits as courses you can complete under the contracts in that period.


6. Personal item: I earned my doctorate in cybersecurity at Capitol Technology U., and have had over a dozen high performing colleagues at my former company that earned MSIA degrees there, all giving it high marks. I also hold SANS Institute in very high regard and would hire a SANS grad quickly.

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Great explanations , thanks a lot 

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I applied at DSU twice because they are within a reasonable driving distance from where I am in Colorado. They rejected me both times. 


I ended up taking my Masters in Information Assurance\Cybersecurity at Norwich University, based in Northfield, VT. Norwich is the second school to obtain the NSA CAE designation after the events of 9/11/2001.


I graduated in '09 with a 4.2 GPA and as Valedictorian of my class.


Norwich ranked second for Infosec in a survey of cyber professionals in 2018. Cyber pros recognize the value of a Norwich Masters.


Something very old, very deep, and very proud.


Norwich fully prepared me to take a Doctorate in Computer Science, Cybersecurity emphasis. I highly recommend Norwich.


Now, what did you finally decide?


Thank you,


Dr. Jan Shuyler Buitron
Doctorate of Computer Science in Cybersecurity, minor in Management
Master of Science in Cybersecurity
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