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Cybersecurity Mentorship: Connect With Mentors & Mentees

Looking to connect with others and become a mentor or mentee to another cybersecurity professional?


Comment here to connect with others on this platform with your area of expertise and if you are a mentee looking for a mentor to help you grow your career or you are offering your time to help mentor others. 


Learn more about mentorship from our three-part blog series: 







ISC2 Community Manager
21 Replies
Viewer II

Hi Andrea 

Thank you for creating this post 

I am System Analyst and I completed my CC certification so I am member in good stand Also I have my Security + and CYSA + , and I am looking for mentor so I can grow and learn , I love to learn and I am personally Like a good challenge

Thank you so this post and Thanks for my future Mentor for putting Faith and effort and helping me grow 



I just started my adventure in Cyber Security. I'm in the Certification Body, but I'd like to do more technical things and find a good boss to help me find myself in a new area for me. I'm learning hacking on my own and I'm enjoying it so far. I've thought about going harder into the cloud, though I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it. I've done the AZ-900 certification, noi now I'm going to further try to explore the cloud. I would definitely like to try myself in the role of Security Engineer, but at this point no one wants to trust and hire me. I would also like to get into "good hands", so I think such a mentoring program would show me a lot of perspectives, opportunities, connections.
At this point, I feel lost, not knowing enough, not confident enough, but I know that I belong to the ambitious and hard-working people. I need someone so that I can spread my wings and be spectacularly successful.
Before, I was struggling to be in Cyber Security, and now I'm struggling with who to be in Cyber Security.
Could I get help here with my career and confidence in the profession?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards


Viewer II

Does ISC2 offer a mentorship program? I thought I saw something on this, but now cannot locate it?

Newcomer I

I think there is one (I signed up to be a mentor) 🙂 If you're not connected to a mentor through the program, feel free to reach out to me and I'll see what I can do ( / Best of luck!
Newcomer I

Hello Justyna,

Sorry to hear about your current state. Cloud security is an excellent field to be in and should open opportunities for you. Have you tried getting any certifications?
Best of luck!
Viewer II

I am looking for a mentor in preparation for my next job interview.

Reader I

Hi Andrea, 


@AndreaMoore  Thank You for accepting the request into this community group.  I came across this post and take this opportunity to request a Mentor. Appreciate if you could guide to find suitable people to discuss. 


A brief introduction about me below. 


I am a Software Engineer professional with more than 15 years of industry experience across various domain from ranging from Airlines, Banking and Financial sectors. My expertise is on software design, architecture, development and Quality Assurance. With a curiosity on Information Security,


I have taken the first step with (ISC)2 CC certification. Looking forward to enhance my knowledge, contribute to Information Security, and professionally grow my career in best possible way. 


LinkedIn profile  (13) Srinivasan Anantharaman | LinkedIn 


Thank You and Looking forward to hear back.



Srinivasan Anantharaman 


Hi Andrea,


I'm Javier Macias (CISSP, PMP, CCNA), and I'm interested in becoming a mentor, I was in the army for 23 years, and I have experience in Cyberoperations, network security, and communication security. Now I'm working in the energy, oil, and gas industry. I would be happy to mentor anyone who wants to get into the cybersecurity world and need some guidance of any type.


Thanks for this opportunity.


Javier Macias


Viewer II

Hello Andrea. I've worked in Telecommunications for over 20 years and just realizing that I've used and performed alot of the concepts of cyber security. After not failing the pre-assessment test that miserably my confidence began to climb. I enjoy being technical and totally fascinated with bond of AI and cyber security. I'm currently not working and have a small nest egg that will offer me the chance to deep dive into a topic and tunnel ion on the subject at hand. I need help with a career path. I'm a vibrant 51yr old and kinda tired of working for people. 


I completed the CC entry level course online here at ISC2. Scheduled to take the certification exam in Bangkok in October. The momentum is there. Currently looking at the Professional's Guide to AI course at the moment. I enjoy the technical side of the house and I want to be contracted out eventually. I've spent the last 5yrs of my career as a Network Implementations Engineer which has been the most enjoyable part of that career. Ready and eager to get into this.

Newcomer I

Hello Andrea,

Thanks for setting this up.
I just passed the CISSP (associate) certification after studying for just a month or two, and have not gotten a single job acceptance anywhere and dozens of first-pass rejections over the past four months. It has been very frustrating and I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I chose the wrong path. I'd be happy if anyone would be willing to mentor someone like me.

Thank you!