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Newcomer I

Cyber Security Policy Analyst

Position is located in washington dc. Email me at or call me at 703-483-1883 and I can provide more details. 



• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field

• At least 6 years of experience in cybersecurity management, operational, and/or technical activities

• At least 4 years of experience performing the responsibilities of a Risk Management Software Administrator in a federal or commercial environment

• 5+ years of experience using the CSAM or comparable risk management tool

• At least 4 years of experience in National Institute of Standards (NIST) cybersecurity standards and best practices


The Contractor shall:
• Develop IT Security Policy and model templates.
• Respond to policy-related questions from judiciary organizations.
• Track in a central location all questions received and responses provided.
• Develop best practices documents and resource packets based on trending information
received from system and court unit assessments.
• Ensure the ITSO web site is updated with the most current policy and security guidance.
• Contribute as required to the update of security-related elements of the Guide to Judiciary
Policy, particularly Volume 15 (Information Technology) Chapter 3 (Security).
• Prepare security documentation for the Judiciary 30-day exposure draft review process
and ensure all comments to the review process receive responses.
• Demonstrate excellent oral and written communications skills.
• Attend and take notes at the ITAC and Judiciary Sub-committee meetings as directed.
• Administer the ITSO office email and voice messages to ensure timely response.

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