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Hi all. 
I am following up on a recently passed CISSP and looking into the concentration ISSEP.... I am find the Guide to CISSP-ISSEP Guide to the CBK to be a little outdated. Please feel happy to correct me if I am barking up the wrong tree, but this surely will need to be in later editions in order to be current. It is dated 2005 and in first edition. Have I missed where I might find a more current version? 

thanks.. Nige

Note: thanks to all, may not have got my point across for some though! Problem solved. I have purchased the kindle version for an economic proof reading. It appears the basis of the book is on Systems Engineering with any relevant changes expected in current documentation NIST, ISO , IEEE etc… My reading starts this month along side Cybok UK, 2018 . I hope this gathering of knowledge will be mutually supporting
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If you examine the page then it shows the ISSAP and ISSMP concentrations having an official CBK book, but not the ISSEP.  Perhaps this is one to send to ISC2 directly and ask if there's an up to date CBK.


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I am preparing ISSEP too.

I don't think there is a "current" version and there is not a single CBK to cover all domain in ISSEP.


you might look at this post

I would say basically you can look at the

NIST 800-160 for enginerering related

where risk related: 800-30 conductingfor risk assessment and  800-37 for RMF

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Hi Steve, indeed i have ain tandem approached this through ISC2 also, the response was, it is the correct CBK at first edition, supplementary reading materials will be up to date, and the latest and most current information can be seen in the ISC2 training materials at $2-3000 a pop. So without much reading between the lines, i see the training opportunity being promoted and self study potentially ambiguous. Will now look into other materials MSc, Cybok (UK) approach CREST etc...👍
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For ISSEP self-study look to the suggested reference list:


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Thank you @csjohnng. I will definitely focus my attention on the NIST and additional resources which seem to have been updated this week by the way. 


I saw the thread that you pointed to in your response and what was confusing was the post by @ToniHahn 

on 7-11-2018 where she list references by domain. I was assuming that this was based on the domains before the recent changes. 


I'm also thinking of paying the $2.5k for the ISC(2) official course. 


In any event, I just hope ISC(2) addresses this lack of guidance for this exam. Paying $2.5K for the official course and another $600 for the exam is quite expensive and there not even is an updated CBK.