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Contributor II

Where di my CPE's go ?



So, after about 2 years of not entering CPE's after having completed my allotment way ahead of time, I started my new cycle and added 5 CPE posts in the relevant area about half ab hour ago.


I am still waiting to see what I entered on the CPE screen.


How long does it take these days for something you enter to appear on the CPE list ?


In the far past, what you entered was immediately visible.


Is this no longer the case ?


I do not want to re-enter things multiple times just because the system has changed in such a way that I need to wait hours before what I enter becomes visible on the list.


I am attaching the picture that shows that I only have my rollover CPE's listed.


Also, if we are already going to talk about things, It's not possible that I can have "Page 1 of 0"... You all should get that stuff fixed as well.


So, any update on when I can hope to see what I've entered would be appreciated.




Mike Glassman, CISSP
Iguana man
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Community Champion

Manually entered ones have always been immediate for me.  Those that are "submitted on behalf" tend to take a week or so --- just long enough for me to forget to check them if I don't have a reminder.  


Every 6 months or so, I tend to audit the official record against my personal evidence stash.  Thus far, I have never had a manual entry disappear, but I have had "on behalf" ones not show up a few times.  In those cases, I enter them manually.


Just curious, did the rollover happen automatically for you?  Last time I went through it, I needed an assist from Member Services.    

Advocate II

It seems to vary.  Sometimes they appear almost immediately and other times it's a couple of hours for them to be listed.


Newcomer III

Mine always show right up.  I only ever wait on the ones entered on my behalf.

Contributor II

Lately manual entries appear immediate, but it's the ones from the Infosecurity Magazine quiz that are all over the map: some are there a few days after taking the quiz, some take more than the advertised 15 business days and some never show up (so you have to enter them manually).
Community Manager

Hello @erwindus!


Manually entered CPE activities will show up right away, so that you know they’ve been input. However, they go through a review process on our end to ensure accuracy, relevance, etc. which is why they may “disappear” before coming back after being approved. If they disappear for good and you don’t believe they should, please reach out to for assistance.


For the magazine quiz credits, those are processed on our side and should not take longer than the 15 business days. If a member is in their grace period (following due date of CPE credits and AMF), then “auto” CPE credits will not be processed since the certification dates are not in place for the new period of certification. I hope this makes sense!


Contributor II

I have no issues with manually entering CPEs, just with the magazine quiz CPEs.
Its behavior is erratic: some appear within 2-3 days, some too late (> 15 business days) and some never.
I'm currently waiting for magazine quiz CPEs to show up on business day 18 and they are still not there. Already raised it via the CPE portal as an issue.
Community Manager



Appreciate the feedback. I'll pass this along regarding the magazine CPE credits delay. 

ISC2 Community Manager
Contributor II

@AndreaMoore : I've been contacted and told that if CPEs for magazine quizzes do not show automatically after 15 working days, I should add them manually (and keep an eye on double CPEs in case the automatic process worked really late).


@Kaity Thanks for the Info. Could you let the people on "Membersupport" know about this Info? I've been asking question about why my CPE doesn't show up automatically, but all they answered was just telling me to input it manually. They don't even bother to investigate or give proper explanation.