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Community Manager

Volunteer Appreciation Week – Give Back. Earn CPE Credits.

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week. Thank you to all the volunteers who serve our association, current and aspiring members, and their local communities by making the cyber world safer and more secure. 


Let us know how you serve your community! Leave a comment with your favorite volunteer opportunities and how you give back. 


Volunteer with (ISC)2 

Members often tell us how rewarding it is to be engaged with the association. In the spirit of volunteerism, here are 10 ways to get involved with your peers and earn CPE credits:


  1. Attend an Exam Writing Workshop and help ensure our certification exams remain relevant and inclusive of the latest best practices: (member login required) 
  2. Participate in the Job Task Analysis surveys emailed to every certification holder that help us map real-world day-to-day job tasks to our exam domains and subdomains.
  3. Speak to your peers and share best practices at (ISC)² Security Congress:
  4. Review content for (ISC)² Security Congress presentations:
  5. Speak to children, parents and/or seniors in your community on the importance of cybersecurity:
  6. Submit a blog post on a topic you feel is relevant to share best practices and start discussions:
  7. Become a translator for the Center for Cyber Safety and Education by translating important educational materials into specific languages:
  8. Review scholarship applications for the Center for Cyber Safety and Education:
  9. Become a chapter officer and support local networking opportunities for your peers:
  10. Write a magazine article on timely cybersecurity information to be published in the InfoSecurity Professional Magazine: (email for article submission guidelines)


* CPE credits are awarded when applicable. Please see specifics for each program or view CPE credit guidelines.

ISC2 Community Manager
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Influencer II

> AndreaMoore (Community Manager) posted a new topic in CPE Opportunities on

>  Leave a comment with your favorite volunteer opportunities and
> how you give back.

Teaching, and speaking at conferences and meetings.

"If you do buy a computer, don't turn it on." - Richards' 2nd Law
"Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses" 0-387-94663-2
"Viruses Revealed" 0-07-213090-3
"Software Forensics" 0-07-142804-6
"Dictionary of Information Security" Syngress 1-59749-115-2
"Cybersecurity Lessons from CoVID-19" CRC Press 978-0-367-68269-9
============= for back issues:
[Base URL] site
CISSP refs: [Base URL]mnbksccd.htm
PC Security: [Base URL]mnvrrvsc.htm
Security Dict.: [Base URL]secgloss.htm
Security Educ.: [Base URL]comseced.htm
Book reviews: [Base URL]mnbk.htm
[Base URL]review.htm


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Newcomer I

Hi, I usually contribute in these ways:
- Question writer/reviewer/translator
- speaking for the Center for Cyber Safety and Education
- speaking at meetings and member of (ISC)2 chapter

It's a pleasure to contribute to improving the Cybersecurity world