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Not Sure If It IS CPE? Just Submit It!

A recurring thread starter topic in both Member Support and Certifications is asking if a particular activity can qualify for CPE credit. Most of the time the answer is YES, although there is the occasional NO, depending on the specific nature of the activity.

Here is what we all need to keep in mind: Follow the guidance of both Nike! and Admiral Grace Hopper:


Nike!: "Just do it!

Grace Hopper: "It is easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission."


Save time and avoid confusion; when you have an activity that you think should be CPE, go to your (ISC)2 account and submit it. 

If it falls within one of your certifications' domains, it will be Type A If it is general career development but not within a domain, it will be Type B.

Answering the type option in the process generally helps get you to Type A or B

Also, upload supporting documentation, such as completion certificate, or extract from a slide deck (include the title slide) with your submission, and be sure to include the relevant URL in your text. These two step s have worked almost every time  to have me get auto-approved credit without being asked for more information.


Good luck!




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I've been inclined to ask member support to confirm things, but given the time that takes --- assuming it works at all! --- I think I'll use this approach.




Shannon D'Cruz,