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List of recognised qualifications for CPE Credit

Hi all,

I am sure this has been posted previously, but I ended up bouncing between a few forum posts and would like some clarification. The question is in two parts.


Part one: Is there an approved list of recognised qualifications (ISC)² have validated for CPE credits?
If not, is the CEH, Certified Ethical Hacker Certification: qualification deamed relivant for claiming CPE's?


Part two: How many CPE's is a qualification worth?

The CEH for me consisted of a week long course (40 Hours) and many many more (100+) self study and practicing, How many CPE's can I claim?

From the FAQ's I take it I can claim 30 CPE's under the self study route:

Q. If I earn another certification, can I get credit for passing the examination?

A. For obtaining a new credential, you may submit up to 30 CPEs under the self-study category for the time you spent preparing to obtain the new certification.
The CPE Handbook however would lead me to believe I can claim up to 40 CPE's

CPE handbook:
Group A: 1 hour of instruction related to the credential domains equals 1 CPE.

I have read forum posts which would suggest I can double claim, 30 for the study, and a further 40 for the qualification, however 70 would appear overly generous for a single qualification.

Once again, if this has previously been asked and answered (and I did read similar questions, just none which provided me with enough confidence to jump straight onto the CPE portal and submit anything) I apologize for the forum spam and will spend longer searching next time.


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I have literally the exact same questions.  Did you get any guidance or feedback on this?

Community Champion

Group A CPEs pertain to the domains of the ISC2 certification(s) you hold. Have any of those domains been covered while studying for these other certifications? If yes then you can claim Group A CPEs for them. If no then you could still claim Group B CPEs for them.


The CPEs would be claimed for the process of studying not for the process of taking the test, and certainly not for just holding a certification. Typically, 1 hour of studying = 1 CPE. The maximum number of CPEs for a single submission is 40 so you can claim 40 CPEs as long as you did at least 40 hours of studying.