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ISC2 Team

Input Needed for New (ISC)2 PDI Course Offering on Incident Management

We are in the process of developing a new immersive training course on incident management as part of our PDI catalog of offerings and would like help identifying possible/realistic security incidents that we can incorporate in the course.  What incidents (not actual data breaches) are you aware of, were involved in or can imagine occurring?  If you can, please share your thoughts, ideas, and comments below. Need some inspiration on what to add?  Here’s some information to get you started:

  • A brief description
  • Roles involved (i.e. departments/teams, key positions like CISO, etc.)
  • Applicable technology
  • Lessons learned  
  • Anything else you think will help us better understand the magnitude of the incident. 


If you prefer please send me a private message and our team will contact you to learn more about the potential/actual incident. Please note, we may also reach out via private message to get more information or discuss your comments further.


Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences with us.  Your contribution to helping create a realistic and relevant course with applicable examples is very much appreciated. 

10 Replies
Advocate II

Actually if you look at the human side of potential incidents, many behaviours and belief are a large part of the problem:


I left my laptop on a table in the hotel lobby and when I came back from my meeting 2 hours later it was missing?


I've have left my laptop on the train, can you got to lost property at the end of the line and see if they have it?


I've have my laptop stolen.  Where was it at the time?  In my car.  You left you laptop on view in your car?  I left my car parked up in a public car park unlocked and the thieves took my car.