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Newcomer II

CPE usage

Hi all,


Just wondering if I have CISSP and CCSP, can I claim a CPE for both at the same time? e.g. If I go for an AWS course on cloud security, can I claim CPE for both CISSP and CCSP using the same course?


Second question is, is it possible to claim my self study for CCSP as the CPE for CISSP?



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Community Champion

@CY I can answer half of this question, yes you can use the same CPE for both the CCSP and CISSP. I have both and do it. When you are entering the CPE you have the option to check the boxes for what certification to apply the CPE too, if it applies to both, then check both. I believe that most if not all CCSP CPEs will qualify as CISSP CPEs, but CISSP CPEs may not qualify as CCSP CPEs unless they are directly related to cloud, unless of course the would fit into the TYPE B of class of professional development.


As for using the CCSP self study as CPEs for the CISSP, I would like to say yes, but I am not 100% sure.


Would someone else please help out on this one..




Viewer II

I unfortunately don't know the answer, but have the same question.


Advocate II

It should be permitted, as I've used studying for CISSP concentrations as CPEs for CISSP in the past.  Obviously I didn't claim every hour of study, but claiming 10 or 20 hours didn't seem unreasonable given it was something like 80-100 hours actual study.  I kept the notes I made on the textbooks as evidence of the actual study.  It'd be a hard one for ISC2 to counter if you had those and an exam pass.