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Advocate II

CPE Portal issues

Has anyone else got issues with the CPE portal since the ISC2 site was revamped?  It's no longer possible to select the credential against which to apply the CPE, as the options aren't selectable, they're just static images of the new badges.  If there's a browser compatibility issue please could ISC2 clarify?


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Newcomer I

Add me to the list of people who can't submit CPEs due to the badly coded portal.


Luckily my annual date is still a couple months away so just MAYBE it will be fixed by then.


This is honestly unacceptable for an organization of this size since it has been going on for multiple days at this point.



Community Manager

Hello all, 


Unfortunately, this issue is still being worked on. Until this is resolved, our member support team asks that you please choose another similar category to submit your CPE credits instead of the four that are not working.  


There are four categories for which the domains are not working (Preparing New or Updating Existing Training Seminar or Classroom Material, Safe and Secure Online Presentations, Industry Conference, Online webinars - podcasts and other online materials).


In addition, you may keep track of your CPE credits in a spreadsheet as backup in your own files. 


Once I hear an update, I'll post here to alert it's been fixed. You can subscribe to this thread to get an email alert. 

ISC2 Community Manager
Viewer II

I've also been having this issue all week. Sorry to hear I'm not alone.


But it's important that we all submit our AMFs in a timely manner. Some of those funds undoubtedly go towards website maintenance.


Oh wait...

Community Champion

@AndreaMoore wrote:

There are four categories for which the domains are not working ... 

Would it be possible/practical/reasonable to temporarily append " (do not use)" to the end of those 4 categories on the CPE site until this is fixed?  Or, maybe put an announcement on the CPE site mentioning the need to avoid the 4 categories.

Newcomer II

In addition to the issue with adding CPEs, I'm noticing that CPEs that used to be automatically reported to my CPE record (like the LMS courses) are not getting added either. There used to be a 7-10 day delay, but it's going on 2.5 weeks and they still haven't appeared.


It'd be nice to get an actual update as to why this is taking so long and when it will be fixed. If only the team responsible for these recent updates would've followed the same change management and software testing processes that ISC2 preaches to its candidates and members.

Viewer II



It is been more than 2 weeks since this issue occurs. Till now I cannot submit for my CPE. Can ISC2 advise what is happening and how should we go about this?

Community Manager

I am hearing that the CPE Portal issue has been fixed and you can correctly report your CPE credits now. 


If you still have issues, please contact our team at

ISC2 Community Manager
Reader I

The problem entering CPEs is fixed, at least for me.