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Newcomer I

failed my CC Exam today

I recently experienced disappointment as I did not perform well in my CC exam. It's disheartening to realize that the questions, although seemingly straightforward, were not adequately covered in the provided study guide. This situation has led me to question whether this is a deliberate strategy to encourage candidates to pay for the exam.

Despite approaching the exam with confidence and thoroughly understanding the chapters, I was taken aback by the unfamiliarity of the majority of the questions. This has left me feeling both sad and confused. In light of this, I am considering rescheduling the exam.

To better prepare for the future, I am seeking advice. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated in helping me navigate this challenging situation.

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Community Champion

Anecdotally a few people are reporting that they feel the study material didn’t cover everything in the exam. It’s possible that that’s true, or you may have not covered 100%, maybe ISC2 we’re relying too much on candidate experience, or even you’ve forgotten stuff or come up against research questions. If you can remember what topics you felt were lacking feed back to ISC2. Remember sources for the exam are listed so you can use these as well.

ISC2 would not have candidates fail to have them pay an extra 199 USD for the next package, it would be highly immoral and unethical and even if this was about money(it’s not, ISC2 is as rich as the stars(well 100M USD last I looked)) then ISC2 would find it much better to operate as a paper mill and have everyone pass and collect the 50 USD PUPY…

Good luck on your next attempt and if you think you’re missing stuff do get the latest CISSP study guide - that way you won’t.
Newcomer I

Thanks so much. Pls how do I get the CISSP latest guide?

Community Champion


Look at Amazon for Shon Harris’s ninth edition:

Sadly it’s posthumous but has been updated - also you have official ISC2 guides though they have a Lisa illustrious pedigree and IMHO are good but not quite as good.
Newcomer II

Video resources for CISSP:

  1. Kelly Handerhan at Cybrary
  2. Pete Zerger on YouTube
  3. Mike Chapple on LinkedIn (He has authored books)
  4. Rob Witcher on Destination Certification and YouTube (He has authored books)
  5. Andrew Ramdayal on YouTube with 50 questions and mindset
Community Champion

It is important to understand that (ISC)2 CANNOT teach the exam.  They provide a CBK for folks to follow so one may find questions not covered in the trainings.


This is a requirement of ANSI.  There must be a Firewall between the trainings and the exam.


Sorry that you were not successful and best wishes on your next attempt.




Newcomer III

I took it today as well and would agree that while concepts were covered in the ISC2 training course, there were a lot of specifics that were not explicitly covered. It defiantly assumes some background knowledge and study outside the provided material. If a person knew nothing of IT or Cybersecurity they would not be able to pass using only the provided material thats for sure - its just not covered 1:1. 


The practice material seems more geared towards helping someone with Tier 1/2 technical skills marry their knowledge with ISC2/Cybersecurity principals.  


Getting a bank of practice questions from Udemy, or something similar, is really really helpful. Those practice exams wont cover the material that will be on the test 1 to 1 either, but its a much much better representation of the difficulty of questions you will face. 

Viewer II

I felt the same and have failed in my first attempt which is why on the very next day i scheduled the exam again and paid the fees for it which is 20k (approx and i had to pass since this is too much of amount for me to bear if i failed again) in my country after conversion. This may or may not be of help but I would suggest you to go through following (this is how i prepared for it again) -


1. Studied all the free trainings provided by ISC2 again

2. Practiced mock questions by Prabh Nair available on Youtube.

3. Watched lectures on the topic provided by Info4sec (free resource again) - although this was not much of help either - first 2 were enough.

4. Mike Chappal's course from LinkedIn are also suggested by YouTube community for help and they have claimed to pass with steps 1, 2 and 4.


And to share this that i passed my exam in 2nd attempt on 19th Nov 23 using steps 1, 2 and 3.


and from my experience - please read all the things in networking - way too much needed and required since it is not much in study material provided by CC.


All the best! Hope you pass too 🙂