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Looking for guidance to successfully complete CISSP Exam

Hello Friends,


Hope you all are doing goood .


I am working in information security field for quite a long time.Now to solidify my position in

this field , I would like to prepare myself for CISSP exam and achieve this goal.


I have few questions for you all regarding CISSP Exam preparedness -

1) how to start this exam prepartions from scratch ?

2) what is the step by step preration process ?

3) what would be the timeline to crack this exam ? 


Your valuable answers and guidance will be highly appreciated.


Take care my friends.



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Community Champion

Your mileage may vary… 🙂

1. Baste yourself in an oil derived from an aggressive mustelid such as a mink…wait that’s not right! Oh CISSP… right! 😄
2. Purchase a good up to date study guide and plans for 9 weeks covering one domain per week, noting any terms you don’t understand and give yourself full coverage. Be super disciplined on this.
3. As you do this work on the exam outlines, recommended source material and do the tests from the text book(you can find them in libraries as well). NIST/COBIT/ISO yourself to the max while you’re at it.
4. If you’ve enough experience in industry this is probably enough - if not linked in, Coursera and ISC2 review seminars(I used these remote virtual style for CCSP and CSSLP and they were great fun and very useful).
5. Forget point one and never be unnecessarily cruel to animals, no matter how much they bite!

Good luck! Lots of other info on this forum and elsewhere.

Community Champion

Early Adopter gave good answers.  I'll add that you should expect to read (and take notes from) your study guide at least three times.  Buy two different books if you can.  I highly recommend Chapple's Ninth Edition OSG, and the CBK by Arthur Deane.

The scope of knowledge is often referred to as "a mile wide and an inch deep", and the test will be a challenge, so expect to be well read on the curriculum.


I also don't recommend practice tests from anyone other than ISC2, either.  Chapple's OSG comes closer than anyone to reality, but the rest don't come close.

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Newcomer I

CCCure seems a very good resource for questions test.

Newcomer II

I believe official questions and study materials is recommended because some of the practice tests elsewhere may be sourced unethically. We want organic, child labor free questions...