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Women encouraging study groups

I am starting to review and study for this certification , do we / is there a study group woman based ? I would like to be part of that encouraging woman based group , if you know of any. 
Thank you 

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This is my first time posting and on the ISC2 site but if you are creating a study group, I would like to join. I really want to pass the CISSP and would like some assistance.


Thank you

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Is it possible to create a group for this?






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Hopefully I will not start a war by asking this question, why do you want a woman based study group? There is already a study group, which seems like everyone should be ok using, and a lot of the time on here I have no idea if who is posting is a man or a woman. I have seen more than a few women based events where men refuse to help or present because it was not open to everyone. It does not seem inclusive when things have become women only.


I an not looking to start a fight, I am looking to be educated on a different point of view.



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Hi John

I am not sure how I got added to the group and you are good to remove me out of the group, if I have enrolled myself there is no reason apart from sharing information and learning, if it’s dedicated to women I am sorry about that, please remove me from the group


Irshad Pasha
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@JKWiniger, your question is quite appropriate.


In my opinion, many study groups are just facades and a place to merry around. Professionals who want to learn won't be wasting their precious time and resources creating such groups.


Certifications from (ISC)2 are quite prestigious and hence difficult to pass as well. It would be better for learners to utilize these study groups as a platform to ask curricula-related questions and have their answers or clarifications or explanations from experts to help the students invest their time in studying dedicatedly rather than pass their precious time on irrelevant activities.

Er. Tapan Jatakia (C.Eng.)
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This is my humble opinion only and not intended to inflame any one.

A study group for ladies can / will do a couple of things. It can connect them with other ladies in the industry. It will allow them to ask questions about the content of the CBK. It will also allow them to hopefully find a mentor.

Currently women make up about 25% of the security workforce and a Women’s study group would also allow women thinking of entering the profession a spot to ask questions that another study group may not want to see or answer.

The group should be open to both men and women and not closed.

I have found through the years that men relate to men and women typically relate better to other women.

My first year in Security a number of the engineers attempted to make my job more difficult by not explaining the tech. Fortunately for me, there were those who helped me and shepherded my career but it would have been nice to have another lady to chat with.

As to ladies events where men are not invited, I also do not agree with that philosophy and not attended one. EWF does a great conference and typically just women but I have seen a few gents there. Have not had the pleasure of attending other events.

Many conferences have “Birds of a Feather” sessions based on gender, industry, etc. so I really don’t see a Ladies study group being any different.

Again this is MHOO.


Sorry for typos but sitting in airport and using my iphone.

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Well said, if anyone knows of a women study group cc exam.  I am interested.  True study group. (Not a group of people looking for free materials or ways to get around learning the info.) I am here to put the work in to learn. Sorry for the rant.