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Training bootcamp



I plan to start a CISSP training course next month, but I doubt whether to do a 10 day training course or a 7 day boot camp.  Due to a holiday I already planned, I will miss 1 day from the 10 day course. 


The 10-day course is 1 day a week, the 7 day bootcamp is 4 days in 1 week, 1 week off and 1 week with 3 days.


The planning for this course fits better to me, but I am not sure if it is good to follow this course.


I am an IT professional for about 25 years, so I can say I have some experience and not all content will be new to me. Would you suggest to go for the bootcamp, or is there a good reason not to do the bootcamp?



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Personally, I don't like bootcamps because I don't think they provide long-lasting learning opportunities. You may know the subjects for the test, but you might forget them when you need that urgent information on the job. When I was studying for my CISSP, I took the time to learn the "whys" instead of focusing on test answers. Yeah - it took a LOT longer, but I think my knowledge is more in-depth, which allows me to be a better professional.

Conversely, I proctored a CCSP exam at a former employer - they put 10 of their people thru a week-long bootcamp and took the test on Saturday. It's a conservative company, so if it worked for them, it'll probably work for you too.
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@_PM , @DHerrmann is correct.  Boot camps are designed to teach for the exam.  They're rarely instructional.  They can be useful to hear POVs from other students, but class structure doesn't permit sidebars.  They move in one direction.


You might as well buy three different study guides.


To be fair, the CISSP boot camp I attended was incredibly beneficial... so I'm not knocking their usefulness.  I'm saying that I wrote notes at a fever pitch because the class moved very quickly.

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Let me join in the boot camp.