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Newcomer II

Encryption granted confidentiality and integrity?



I found such question.

The sender encrypts a message with the recipient's public key. This ensures:

1 Integrity

2 Non-repudiation

3 Prof of origin

4 Confidentiality


I could mark more than one answer. For me it is 1 & 4.


unfortunately I got an incorrect for this question.


Do you have an idea? Clear, primar reason to use encryption is confidentiality........

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Community Champion

Off the top of my head, I am going to assume that the author was going for B) Non-repudiation.


Typically these systems (non-repudiation) use digital signatures to ensure that one party cannot successfully dispute its authorship of a document or communication.


Suggest that you look at this WIKI for more explanations:





Community Champion

Confidentiality is ensuring that the message is only readable by the intended parties and is best accomplished using the recipient's key pair.


Integrity is ensuring that the message is as intended by the sender and is best accomplished using the sender's key pair.


Although use of the recipient's public key prevents the message from being modified in transit, it does not attest to the identity of the sender, making 1, 2 and 3 much less correct than 4.

Viewer II



1 Integrity - this is achieved using Hash and hashing is not encryption. this only checks if data is not tampered during the exchange.

2 Non-repudiation - this will happen if the sender encrypts using his private key and then share the public key with the recipient

3 Prof of origin - this can be achieved with CA

4 Confidentiality - this is matching the question where the sender encrypts using the recipient public key but do not achieve non repudiation and integrity.


So will go with Option 4.

Newcomer II

Great help.

In between I go with answer 4, based on the explanation of surabh007.

Thanks to all for your support.

I would choose options 1, 2 and 4.


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