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Newcomer I

CISSP Exam Readiness Indicators

I will be taking the CISSP exam in about a week. I took a prep course read the official CISSP book twice and have taken about 10 100 question practice tests. My average test scores range between 75-80%. Does anyone know if this is a good indicator that I’m ready for the real exam?
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Community Champion

I can't answer that question but can offer some advice for taking the exam.


  • Don't read anything into the question
  • Don't read extra words into either the question or the answers (Read carefully)
  • Read the instructions and each question carefully. You can’t get the correct answers to questions that you don’t understand, so take extra time to make sure everything makes sense to you before you move on.
  • Before the exam, ensure that you are nourished and well rested.
  • Remember there should be no trick questions
  • Try not to be overly anxious the day of the exam (arrive early, and if necessary take a brisk walk before starting the exam or deep breathing......whichever works for you)
  • Watch your time

Again sorry, that I cannot say whether you are ready but I do wish you well on the exam.





Newcomer II

Reading the official CISSP book twice would prepare you well for the exam.


Have you taken practice tests provided by just one provider? Try practice tests from different sources and see if you still get a high score. The official practice tests are pretty good.


Two days before the exam ask yourself if there is anything more you could have done ... only if you had time?
If you feel like you have done everything possible and all that is left is revision, then you are ready.
If you have any doubt, it is cheaper to reschedule than take the test again.


One of the most important things I realized about this exam is - accuracy is far more important than speed.
Don't worry about the number of questions. Take your time. If the answers are correct, you might even finish earlier!


Hope this helps. Good luck!

Newcomer I


You can join our group - CISSP.

Take your practice test here -

Regards, Madhur


Which official book did you read? The ISC2 student guide or the Sybex official study guide. These two books have vastly different levels of technical depth and I'm confused which one to aim for.


How did you get on with the exam?

Newcomer I

Did you pass on the first attempt?

If not, how close were you in each domain?


Would be a nice data point to know how closely the 75-80% practice test scores map to the actual exam results.