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Newcomer II

Exam Prep

Hi - for all those who have passed the exam, how long did it take you to sit the exam from when you started studying to sitting the exam and also would you recommend just the ISC2 learning material or would you suggest looking at other resources?

I have booked my exam for Jan 2023 and I am worried I don't have enough time to learn everything.

what are the main topics that I should look over? What are the most common asked questions in the exam and which module should I spend more time learning?

I would appreciate all the details

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Newcomer I

My best book was 11th Hour, and Sunflower CISSP .pdf sheet.

Every single word has to be understood, from beginning to end, and end to beginning.

I've studied big books too.

Studied 10 months slowly (1 to 2 hours when motivated), but the last month before exam, I've studied 2 to 4 hours a day, and all week ends.

Good luck !


I used both (ISC)2 online course and the CISSP for Dummies book. Both include online exams to assess your preparedness. Each source is slightly different, so studying (ISC)2 materials and a supplemental source will broaden your knowledge. I studied for four months, 1 hour per day and 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday. I would stop studying or take a break when I could no longer focus on the material.

Newcomer III

You were really focus and dedicated in your study preparation to pass the exam and get your certification.

What section of the CISSP for Dummies book did you study? I have the most recent Security+ 601 study book. Do you think that I can utilize that along with this course training materials to prepare for this certification exam?