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Hello, is certified in cybersecurity dod approved? or will it be approved in the near future?


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Yes it is DOD certified
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While all ISC2 certifications are said to meet the DOD requirements according to this, I'm not sure that the CC will be accepted as fulfilment, unless ISC2 haven't got round to updating this page yet.

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Notwithstanding the earlier replies, no, the CC exam is not yet recognized under the DoD Cyber Workforce Program.

The only authoritative source for this information is the DoD web site

DoD Approved 8570 Baseline Certifications

Note that the CC level is not found either in the top Baseline table, or in the list of (ISC)2 certifications in the lower table.

A tip for folks: when you answer a question like this, always show your source for the answer.

I am not in touch with anyone in (ISC) who might be working to get the CC listed under DOD 8570, nor with anyone at DoD who maintains that list, so cannot comment on whether or how soon CC might be added.

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I guess not. Open and select "Cybersecurity Readiness Training and Certification for You". CC is not highlighted

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I’d assume it would need to have a degree of general industry acceptance and undergo whatever steps DOD require.

However… a couple of thoughts:

1) as SSCP is already at IAT Level 1 I’d wonder if they’d reduce the standard required to accept the CC in its place.

2) Currently CC is available for not too much money - nearly free in fact. I would expect DoD to require a pool of candidates taking it at a comparable cost to Security+, SSCP etc - otherwise you run the risk of the vendor pulling the certification if it can’t sustain candidates if not heavily subsidised - from DoD’s PoV it’s better not to add something than remove it - and from ISC2’s standpoint Forensics and HIPPA certs were pulled and how long would members be happy to have ISC2 subsidise the CC for? Maybe if there are enough CCs AMFs could go back to 80 dollars a year.