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CC's exam difficulty

Hello everyone!
I recently enrolled in (ISC)2's CC certification, took the pre-course assessment quiz and got 71% without reading any material. Is the ISC2 CC course sufficient to pass the CC exam? Or is the exam at the pearson test center different/ difficult from the ones given in the ISC2 training course.


I look forward to hearing from you all.

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I studied a Udemy course and additionally for in-depth review of certain topics, I went through CISSP material and YouTube links from Prof. Thor and  Mike Chappel. I studied for about 2 days - total 20hrs in total to grasp the things, attempted two sets of question papers from two different sources for clocking in my time. I could make it through the exam this Saturday. 

Note: CISSP official book is a good reference to read the extended explanations of topics and you should be good.

Best of luck.




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Hi, Ninad!


I took the pre-assessment exam on Oct 21, 2022 and my score was 80% (60/75).

So I didn't even start the course. 😅



I just reviewed the questions I guessed wrong or I didn't know and took the real exam on 17 Nov. I passed!


My background:

I have a bachelor's degree in Network Engineering and 5 years of experience as Support Engineer/Network Engineer.


I have also passed CCNA, JNCIA-Junos, AZ-900/SC-900, NSE1/2/3 and other fundamental Cloud/Net/Sec exams in the last 2 years.

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Hi Cassi,
Thks for sharing.
Any more derails to find this pre-assessment exam?
Any link ?
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The name of the course is Official (ISC)² Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Self-Paced Training - 1M:


In the course introduction, you have the "Pre-Course Assessment".

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I think the forum is blocking my posts when I insert URL from the (ISC)² Learning Website (?).

You will need to search for the course "Official (ISC)² Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Self-Paced Training - 1M".

There is a "Pre-course Assessment" there.
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The stuff from ISC2 isn't near enough to pass the exam.  I recommend Mike Chapples stuff because he helps with learning the concepts.  The exam rewords a lot of concepts to try and trick you into doubting yourself.  My recommendation is to take as many practice exams as possible and review every wrong question, diving deep into why the answer was wrong and focus on the concepts.  


Can you direct me to where I can find the flashcard and quizzes?

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Hi, you can find the pre-assessment in the CC course (  -> "Course Introduction".

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I am trying to find people to study for the CC Exam.