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How i get my CC certificate

Could someone please direct me to the location where I can obtain a digital copy of the CC certificate?

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Newcomer III


Step 1:  Goto

Step 2: Log in to your account (Top Right)


Step 3: Click on Your account name and from the drop down click Profile


Step 4:Click on "Print Member Digital Certificate" towards the left of your screen


Step 5:Download or Print out the certificate (TOP RIGHT on google chrome)







I cant find the link "Print Member Digital Certificate" as you shown under the profile tab only "claim your certification badges" link
Community Champion

The community "badges" system does not show that you have earned a cc.  Have you:


1) Registered to take an exam at a PearsonVue testing facility

2) Shown up at the PearsonVue testing center at the appointed time and submitted to a palm vein scan.

3) Accept the NDA and taken the exam on their computer.

3) Received a piece of paper stating that you provisionally passed.

4) A day or few later received a "congratulations, you did actually pass" email.

5) Followed the emailed instructions to complete the "endorsement" process.

6) Paid the first Annual Maintenance Fee ($50, unless waived).


If you have not completed all the above, you have not yet been Certified in Cybersecurity and therefore have no digital certificate to pick up.  


If you have, there is a problem that will need to be addressed by Member Support, using the information in the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page.