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Show Us How You Enrich. Enable. Excel. & Earn Badges in the (ISC)² Community!

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Show Us How You Enrich. Enable. Excel. & Earn Badges in the (ISC)² Community!

Re: Show Us How You Enrich. Enable. Excel. & Earn Badges in the (ISC)² Community!

ISC2 Former Staff

Everything we do at (ISC)² is focused on helping you strengthen your career. In 2018, it starts with Enrich. Enable. Excel. As a member of the (ISC)² Community, you’re empowered to Enrich. Enable. Excel. together. Earn badges for engaging with the (ISC)² Community in ways that support this guiding theme.


Let’s go over how you can earn these badges throughout the rest of the year!


Throughout June and July, earn the Enrich badge: Awarded for superior engagement that enriches the (ISC)2 CommunityEnrich_badge.png


Here are the activities that you need to complete for the Enrich badge:

  • Receive 1 kudo
  • Give 1 kudo
  • Make 1 post


Throughout August and September earn the Enable badge: Awarded for superior engagement that enables the (ISC)2 Community to advance our industryEnable_badge.png


Here are the activities that you need to complete for the Enable badge:

  • Receive 1 kudo
  • Give 3 kudos
  • Make 3 posts
  • Tag 3 (ISC)2 Community posts


Throughout October and November earn the Excel badge: Awarded for excellence in building the (ISC)2 Community and advancing our profession.


Here are the activities that you need to complete for the Excel badge:


  • Receive 3 kudos
  • Give 5 kudos
  • Create 3 replies
  • Make 3 posts
  • Tag 5 (ISC)2 Community posts


Throughout December you can earn a “triple badge” called Enrich. Enable. Excel.: Awarded for outstanding contributions to the (ISC)2 Community in all 3 areas throughout the year



This badge is a little different. You will have had to earn all three of the other badges, and then perform the following activities throughout the month:

  • Receive 1 kudo
  • Give 3 kudos


We are excited to see you all Enrich. Enable. Excel. in the Community this year!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or you can always email

Influencer II

(Does anyone else feel like we're back in Cub Scouts?)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get any of these new badges, since, to get them, you don't just have to make posts and get kudos, you have to give people kudos.  (And tag posts.)

(If one were cynical, one might suspect that (ISC)^2, knowing that a) much of the stuff on the "community" is newbie dross, and b) that the interface just makes it too time consuming and unrewarding to try and find anything worth kudoing (amongst all the newbie dross), is trying to drive some kind of activity on the site, in a vain attempt to make it look worthwhile.  But (ISC)^2 would never do anything crass like that ...)

Contributor I

Cub Scouts indeed (Its been 30 years or so, but I seem to recall having to work a whole lot harder than 2 kudos and a post for my cub scout badges, even before we adjust for age and comptetency)


If, say, Rob were to give me a kudo for this reply, I'd be 2/3 (not sure if this rant counts as a post or not) to an "Enrich" badge.  give a kudo, get a kudo, complain about this silliness, get a badge.



The absolute best way to ensure your "reward" is completely useless is to ***AWARD IT FOR NOTHING**


Were one slightly more cynical, one might think it funny that this crass attempt at making isc relevant does exactly the opposite...


Reader I

I had not known that kudos were missing from my life until I read Dain and Rob's comments.  Kudos to you both.


I am sad, however, that it is not June, and so all of these kudos will go to waste.

ISC2 Former Staff

The goal of this program is to add a little fun and reward those who are proactively engaging and contributing to the community. We welcome your suggestions as to how we can help make the community a valuable resource for all members. How do you want to engage your peers? What’s missing from the community? What should be on our roadmap? How can we make it easier for you to use?


That request is open to all community members. We welcome all input and ideas to help make this community as valuable a resource as possible for everyone, including new members as well as long-time industry veterans. You can post your suggestions here as comments, by messaging me directly (you can click on my username to go to my profile and click the send private message button), or by emailing  



Samantha O'Connor

Online Community Manager

Community Champion

I appreciate the effort to try to enrich the community. As this is a growing thing, there needs to be ways to increase community engagement. Sometimes getting people to make that first step is what starts them down the road to more engagement. I like having discussions with other community members because we all are a part of this big thing called the Internet. This type of interaction is what a tiny piece of the Internet is about.


Badges will mean more to some people and less to others. This community will cause some people to meet that might otherwise not had a chance to meet. I don't see it going back to Cub Scouts. Hopefully this causes more engagement and not just posting for posting sake.

I don't have a problem with it.

Contributor I



The idea that goofy jpg badges are necessary or benefficial to get / increase participation suggests that the medium is suffering from a lack of relevance.  I know that there are a number of people who have communicated with various individuals @ ISC from the "old Curmudgeons" lair of the CISSP Forum.  Yet nothing seems to change.  Can we be sarcastic, caustic, ridiculous even?  Sure.  But I've learned a ton from those same people.  Its probably the single most valuable resource to come out of becoming a CISSP, even tho I don't always agree with e.g. Donn Parker, I've had conversations with Donn Parker, and thats pretty cool.


Theres an existing group that could already serve this need, and has in the past (the only badges there are for putting up with the more, err caustic of us, ignoring furbys, and actually making everyone laugh).


There's the CISSP forum that was recently created, and is run by some of us because yahoo groups can be very irritating to deal with, but ISC2 has not been interested in updating the existing groups to a new platform, instead spending I can only imagine how much on this web forum, the badge & kudos system, and all of the related costs add up to (marketing consultants? web designers?)   


honestly I find it rather childish, superfluous, and more than a little insulting to see how ISC is spending some amount of our membership fees.  I'm not entirely sure what my suggestions would be for increased viability / relevance but I know a number of folks on the original list have suggested thoughts, and instead we have badges and kudos, and a thoroughly unfriendly user experience on the new web forum & the CPE pages (maybe thats under construction, but it seems to be moving in the wrong direction.)


I don't think its much of a stretch to say those of us in Infosec who meet the CISSP requirements tend towards the cynical side of the street, frankly I think its a bit of a requirement to be effective in infosec. Maybe if the badges were black or monotone or something

Influencer II

In case you want to know about the existing, and much older, community that Dain refers to, instructions for joining it are available at:


I feel I should at least warn potential members that existing members of the older community are, themselves, older.  Questions on all aspects of security are raised, welcomed, and discussed.  However, questions along the lines of "how do I write a risk management policy" are likely to be answered with a barrage of replies along the lines of "you are supposed to be a professional: act like one."  (If you read the FAQ mentioned above in it's entirety, you will note that there is one exception allowed.)


(I'll wait to "kudo" Dain until June ...  🙂

Influencer II


Community Manager


"We welcome your suggestions as to how we can help make the community a valuable resource for all members."


Do something about the interface.  I'd like to see some way to know, quickly, what has happened today/recently.  (Yes, I know you have your "latest topics" and oddly chosen "hot topics," but with the CISSPforum and any decent MUA I can see, in moments, what has happened in the past day (or even several, if I've been busy), and quickly choose what I need to deal with.  This existing interface requires me to wade through all kinds of dreck to find out ... well, usually to find out that nothing of any significance has been said recently.


"How do you want to engage your peers?"


Well, maybe that's it.  I want to engage my peers.  This "community" seems to have been designed with the worst of social media in mind, the kind of thing that spawned jokes about everyone tweeting about their breakfast.  I'm a professional.  I'm busy.  I have technologies and compliance issues I need to keep up with.  I don't particularly need to read everyone's opinions about the best book to study in order to pass an exam that ALL OF US HAVE ALREADY PASSED!!!


(Sorry.  I'll be better in a minute.  Deep breaths ...)


"What’s missing from the community?"


Email.  Proper email notifications, not just on topics that I've posted in, but some notification that something significant has happened here.  (Perhaps that is already in place.  Perhaps the reason that I haven't received any such notifications is that nothing significant ever happens here.  The more I explore, the more likely this scenario becomes ...)


"What should be on our roadmap?"


Give some thought to how this can actually be useful to the membership, not just how to get more signups and more posts.  (Those are the kind of metrics we all know to avoid in our own work: the ones that are impressive to outsiders, but that actually mean our systems and controls are failing.)


"How can we make it easier for you to use?"


See above.

Defender I
ISC2 Former Staff

I wanted to thank everyone for providing feedback on how we can make the Community work better for our members. I also wanted to provide an update on how you can get subscriptions for the Community.


Each board offers a subscription service that allows you to get notified when new posts are created. To subscribe to a board, you can go to the area you want to subscribe to, say the Career board, then at the top right click on the Options menu and select Subscribe. The default is to get an immediate email notification for all posts; however, you can update your settings by clicking here and change the settings to turn off notifications for certain activities (like badge notifications) or change them to a daily or weekly digest instead of the immediate default. 


If you have any questions on this, please let me know. 

Influencer II

Ooh!  Ooh!  New idea for a badge!


"Snapchat’s interface distributes badges to users who maintain daily streaks–a nifty system built in part on humans’ well-studied psychological need to bank progress."

Viewer II

The following is posted under the KP (Kudos Prohibited) license. Do not give Kudos--I do not want badges, and if you agree with this post, then you don't want badges either,

Dear (ISC)2 and Samantha,

Can we please get rid of the badges? We are professionals in a serious profession; we do not need participation trophies or facebook-like dopamine hits.

This is a D-U-M-B idea. We are not kids. I will not hire a security person who is excited by the idea of earning badges in a professional forum.


To help illustrate my point, I will share two videos for your consideration.


Thank you.


Newcomer I

Thank you for the explanation and clarifying the requirements.




Newcomer I

 rslade gave kind of a good idea. (I don't have interface issues like others, fortunately). Perhaps notifications on new topics based on keywords that an individual says they want to be notified on would be helpful. For instance, if I am interested in cloud topics, I would update my notification preferences with the keyword "cloud" and receive automated notifications whenever a new blog or article was posted with that topic.

Newcomer III

I worked with our local college and an developing a new course for computer science students at Winona State University - Rochester, CS 423 Computer and Network Security.  As an adjunct faculty member, I have added a full day of training for my CS 344 Web Programming students in secure development.  This is their first introduction to computer security and secure development.


CS 423 Computer and Network Security will be the first this type of  course has been taught and is already generating excitement among current and past students.I give Kudos to the Dean and full time faculty for allowing me to bring this course to their curriculum.  I look forward to bringing the principles of (ISC)2 to my students in promoting the ethics and introductory knowledge they will need to help secure our future.