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Inside (ISC)² with The (ISC)² Education Team

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Inside (ISC)² with The (ISC)² Education Team

Re: Inside (ISC)² with The (ISC)² Education Team

ISC2 Former Staff

This is your chance to get Inside (ISC)² as leaders from our organization will be swinging by this Community to answer your questions. Joining us this month are five members of our Education team!  Please welcome…


  • Mirtha Collin – Senior Education & Training Manager
  • Stacy Mantzaris – Continuing Professional Education Lead
  • Chuck Gaughf – Professional Development Technical Content Lead
  • Kaitlyn Lagenbacher – Education & Training Professional
  • Tara Zeiler – Education & TrainingProfessional

The wonderful folks on our Education team are involved in many different areas at (ISC)2.  To name a few things that they work on and to give you some topic ideas for this session of Inside (ISC)2, this is the team that has been releasing the new Professional Development courses (like the GDPR course); they update the content in books, and study guides after any and all updates to exams/domains, and they keep on top of all updates to courses, including the new self-paced online courses. This is the team to talk to if you are looking to ask questions about professional development, find out how members are involved in course development or if are thinking about taking an exam and have questions on what educational offerings we have/are in the works. 

The Education team will be live, here on the Community, on Wednesday, October 31st, from 1:00pm to 2:00pm ET to answer any of your questions. 

Feel free to leave your questions or comments now, and the team will answer them when they are live on the Community. 


I have 2 questions.

1.  Are statistics collected for 1st attempt failures on certification tests and if so does the education group analyze what may be the cause?  I took the online CCSP course earlier this year.  I studied for my test in Aug and failed.  I used the text from the course as well as an ISC text purchased separately.  I was scoring in the mid 80% range on several practice tests.  I found that the type of questions on the actual test were not represented well in either the study material or the practice exam.  I'm not advocating for teaching the test but rather that the style of questions be aligned between practice and actual.


2. I submitted an application to be placed as an online CISSP instructor.  I have yet to hear back as to my status. Would you be able to explain the submission process with more granularity on your web site?

Newcomer I

Two quick questions,

1. Do you feel with the change to the CISSP going to CAT, even if the content is the same difficulty have you noticed a change in pass rate from test takers not having to deal with so much "brain drain?" Talking to many others with their CISSP it seems like they talk about doing the 6 hour test as a war story, compared to people doing that CAT it was no big deal.

2. Is there any plan to update the CISSP concentration books?

ISC2 Former Staff

Thanks for posting your questions @gjohnson & @RobertWohllaib. Our Education team will be on the Community to answer them on October 31st at 1pm ET. We'll make sure to at mention you, so you get the answers to your questions right in your inbox!

I work for a large financial instutition in PCI and PKI.  I am recently CISSP certified.  I very much enjoy the validation of my skills that this certification provides.  Encryption is only becoming more and more important, is there any thought for PKI certification? 

Reader II

I am interested in obtaining the CISSP-ISSMP concentration. If the concentration will remain an option in the future (statements made at the Security Congress make me question this) would you consider hosting an ISSMP in-person training at Security Congress or perhaps even at the RSA Security? I might recommend that you send out a survey or communication to gauge the level of possible interest. You might be surprised.


I think one of the barriers to obtaining the concentrations is the lack of readily available training opportunities and study materials. I prefer in-person learning events - its my learning style. Also, its easier for me to block off two or three days specifically dedicated to training than to self-study over weeks or months. Offering an ISSMP training at Congress or RSA would help me reach my goal of obtaining the ISSMP sooner. Also, a training before a conference is easier to justify to my boss than two separate events.

Viewer II

CISSP-ISSAP online training comment/feedback:


I took the CCSP training course over a year ago and it was constructed well so, I expected the same level or better from a concentration course. I was extremely disappointed. I discourage others from purchasing this training.


I expected great detail in the domains and insight to architecture professionals experience. I was expecting to fill gaps in my experience in preparation for the certification test. There's barely any video instruction (maybe 20 minutes worth). It is basically text based information. It should have just been a digital book and sold for $100 not $1995.


The flash cards and end of domain questions were not challenging like the ones presented in the CCSP course. I don’t expect the same questions as the test. I expect just as challenging questions that could be on the test.


Companies like Microsoft have partnered with to deliver classes and entire programs at low to no cost. Given how “behind the eight ball” we are having enough trained security people, do you plan to do the same? While I appreciated the fine (and often expense) learning options, many cannot afford them.  Can you help bring more low cost training alternatives, that have substantial CPE value? 

Viewer II

Hi ISC2 Education Team, 


Could I know if ISC2 is looking into replacing the CCFP or equivalent?

Given the numerous incidents happening this year.

In my own personal opinion, it should either been reinstated or replaced with something equivalent.


Would like to hear ISC2 thoughts.


Thank you.

Influencer II
> DanTechMan (Viewer) posted a new comment in (ISC)² Updates on 10-30-2018 09:26 AM in the (ISC)² Community :

> Companies like Microsoft have partnered with to deliver classes and
> entire programs at low to no cost. Given how “behind the eight ball” we
> are having enough trained security people, do you plan to do the same? While
> I appreciated the fine (and often expense) learning options, many cannot
> afford them.  Can you help bring more low cost training lternatives, that
> have substantial CPE value? 

There is, of course, no reason that we, the *actual* community, cannot create a
training resource here on the "community" which is available to all members (and
even non-member aspirants). A number of us have been attempting to provide
our advice and assistance on a piece-meal basis. All it would need is a bit of
structure and promotion ...

(Remember, almost all posts and topics here are readable by the general public, and
even searchable on Google ...)

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Viewer II

Hello,   We have been told all year the 5th edition of the official CISSP CBK would be released this year. Its now 4th quarter 2018 and the book still has yet to be released. I wanted to know the precise release date for this book, cost and how many pages will it be.

ISC2 Former Staff ISC2 Former Staff
ISC2 Former Staff



Hello and thank you for your questions and feedback, we really appreciate you taking the time to reach out.


With regard to your first question.


The Education Department does not receive data on exam pass rates.  In fact, ANSI regulations require that we keep a rigid separation between education and exams.  Education uses the exam outline to create course content and we don't have access to exam question content or information regarding format.  We are, however, developing new ways to help our members prepare for exams by creating and deploying different types of practice question/quizzes.  We have some new tools and moving forward we will be exploring the use of drag and drop, scenario based, and sequencing questions, among others.


With regard to your second question.


I am so sorry that you did not receive a response regarding your interest in becoming an instructor.  


I will have our delivery team reach out to your directly and share information regarding the process. 


Please let me know if you have additional questions.


ISC2 Former Staff

@StephenChandler There are no current plans for a certification on PKI as PKI really is embedded in many of the domains of our current certifications.  Having said that, I can see a focus on PCI or general PKI ,from a professional development standpoint, being very beneficial to our membership. PKI, especially for those that are not involved in it on a daily basis can seem daunting even though it is embedded into so much that we do. I think this could be an excellent candidate for our series of courses "for members, by members". We are constantly looking at our membership to see what types of education and professional development will be valuable to our members, and PKI is truly fundamental to so much that our members do on a day to day basis.  

ISC2 Former Staff ISC2 Former Staff
ISC2 Former Staff



Hello.  Thank you for your questions.


With regard to your first item. 


Unfortunately, the education team cannot comment on exams.  ANSI requires a separation between the education and exam groups.  We can certainly pass your query along.


With regard to your second item.


We recently launched self-paced courses for AP and EP, with MP coming soon.  I encourage to take a look at one of those offerings. 




ISC2 Former Staff ISC2 Former Staff
ISC2 Former Staff



Dan we have partnered with Coursera to deliver our SSCP training through their platform and are now making Professional Development courses free to members.  I would like to invite colleagues to provide information on upcoming Professional Development opportunities. 

ISC2 Former Staff
@rslade We are constantly evaluating ways to deliver education to our members that is low-cost and easy to consume. You may have already seen materials about new free courses and resources we are starting to provide our membership at no cost. This new initiative which just recently received funding is starting to take shape and we have a course on GDPR, with courses on DevSecOps and Security Culture on the way. You are absolutely correct that this should be a community driven effort. One of the things I’m working on going into 2019 is using our education efforts to spotlight our membership and help drive some of our education efforts. Personally, I think the community is great place to offer assistance but I’m hoping to leverage this platform to promote and find members interested in sharing what they know and to actually develop courses that will be shared with the membership.