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Inside (ISC)² with Michelle Schweitz

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Inside (ISC)² with Michelle Schweitz

Re: Inside (ISC)² with Michelle Schweitz

(ISC)² Former Staff

This is your chance to get Inside (ISC)² as leaders from our organization will be swinging by this Community to answer your questions. Joining us today is Michelle Schweitz - who is our Media Services Manager.


Michelle is the go-to person for all of your Security Congress news. She’s got the inside scoop on everything you want to know including the behind-the-scenes plans, important dates to know and remember, along with so much more. To give you a little background, Michelle has been working on Security Congress for 5 years, and for the past 2 years has been the lead staff member working on this annual event. If you have been to Security Congress before, Michelle is the person to thank for all of your amazing experiences.


Michelle_Inside.jpgDid you know Security Congress 2018 is being held in the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana? Get into the NOLA spirit with us and ask your Security Congress questions! Feel free to start posting any time and Michelle will jump in to start answering at 1pm EST. 



Community Champion

What do you think the main benefits of attending a conference like Security Congress would be?

What makes this different from other cyber security conferences?

What would be the selling points to get our bosses to approve us attending?

Viewer III

Suggestions for getting the most out of the Congress?

(ISC)² Former Staff

@CISOScott Thank you for your questions. 

What do you think the main benefits of attending a conference like Security Congress would be?

Over 100+ educational sessions, high-level networking, and training opportunities (CPEs if you're a member)

What makes this different from other cyber security conferences?

(ISC)² Town Hall, Safe and Secure Online Training and industry recognition from your peers from our ISLA Americas award program

What would be the selling points to get our bosses to approve us attending?

Continuing professional education opportunities, Industry recognition that (ISC)² is hosting this conference, one of the most cost effective conferences. If you need a resource, please see our justification letters here -


(ISC)² Former Staff


1. Download the conference mobile app

2. Pick out sessions you're most interested in ahead of time to plan your conference days.

3. The best value is to get the All Access which includes most events.

4. Come in early on Sunday to join the free CSA Summit for extra CPEs to kick-off the conference.


Thank you,


(ISC)² Former Staff

Hopping in to post a question from @leroux that was sent in advance - 

In 2016, the EMEA Advisory Council has created a GDPR Task Force. This Task Force is an international group of 15 (ISC)² members actively implementing GDPR, from San Francisco to Hong Kong.  They meet by Skype monthly.  They conducted a GDPR State of Implementation Survey around the EU and publish  resources around GDPR Implementation targeted to the (ISC)² constituency (practitioner not legal)


This is:


  • Overview of the basics
  • 12 Areas of Activity and their key supporting tasks
  • User Rights
  • All documents are freely available @


During 2017, they organised 12 half-day workshop around EMEA  based upon the12 Areas of Activity. Total participation was more than 500 people giving where they are in the GDPR Implementation and the issues they have.


In March 2018, they presented their findings at CloudExpo Europe.


As GDPR is currently a major topic worldwide, do you plan to present this (ISC)² members work during the Security Congress 2018?


(ISC)² Former Staff


I'm not sure if there are plans to share this during the October event but will continue to add items to the agenda.


(ISC)² will have 4 sessions during this year’s Security Congress focused on GDPR.


Here they are:

Information Security Requirements Under the GDPR: What We Know, Six Months InInformation Security Requirements Under the GDPR: What We Know, Six Months In


Achieving GDPR compliance with the CSA Code of Conduct 


Spaghetti: State, Federal, PCI-DSS, GDPR, CSL and More Breach Notification Disarray


GDPR Core Principles and How to Efficiently Apply Them in Your Organization


Thank you!

Newcomer I

I know the agenda is still in the process of being worked on, but I was curious if there are any sessions planned for yet around the topic of IoT (Internet of Things) and the growing security issues we are beginning to see/hear about in that space?

Community Champion

Do you know if there will be speakers or topics about the cybersecurity workforce shortage/problem?

(ISC)² Former Staff

Thank you to everyone who has attended our latest Inside (ISC)² and a big thank you to @mschweitz for answering all of the Community's questions.


For more information on Security Congress 2018, October 8-10 in New Orleans, Louisiana, please take a look at the Security Congress website here. If you have any further questions, feel free to post on our Security Congress board in Community. We're excited to see you all in NOLA!


@CISOScott & @Retlaw - Michelle had to run to a meeting (about Congress Smiley Happy) but will reply to you shortly to address your questions. 

Viewer II

When will conference mobile app be available?


Do I need to sign up or register separately for the Oct 7, CSA Summit

(ISC)² Former Staff


There are currently 5 sessions scheduled around IoT.


Please see here:

1111 - 'Computer, Order Me a Latte ... and a Pen Test!': IoT Security Best Practices 


1213 - IoT and Cloud Computing: Improving or Reducing Security in Industrial Systems?


3113 - Current and Next Generation of Cyber Physical System Cybersecurity (ICS/SCADA/IIoT)


3313 - IoT and IIoT Wireless Network Threats and Countermeasures


3415 - Preparing Your Cyber Workforce for the Internet of Things (IoT) Influx 


Thank you for sending your question!

(ISC)² Former Staff


Yes, there will be sessions around this topic. Stay tuned closer to July about sessions being launched around this. 

(ISC)² Former Staff


The mobile app is available 4 weeks prior to the conference. If you're opted-in to receive notifications and are registered, you will receive an email when it is ready to download. There will be additional app information onsite as well. 


Yes, you will need to register for the CSA Summit when you register for your conference pass. If you have already registered and need to add it on, please send an email to to add this in. The CSA Summit is free to all attendee pass types. 


We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

Community Champion



Before the ICS2 Congress last year in Austin, TX, I received an email directing me to a site where I could ask a question.  I sent one in about the change in the CBK for CISSP-ISSAP.  


While at the Town Hall meeting I was standing in line to ask a different question and was surprised to see the submitted question on the screens in the front of the room.  


ISC2 truly cares about its members and responds to questions.  


I have been to many conferences over the years like RSA and other 20,000 plus people conferences.  At the big ones, you feel that you are less than a fraction of a number. 


I never felt that way at ISC2 Congress.  The quality of the speakers and attendees at ISC2 Congress was over the top and I am working to attend this year.





(ISC)² Former Staff


Hi Paul,


Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback. (ISC)² is very passionate about supporting our members and professionals in the industry. Town Hall was created for transparency and answer the questions that members care about. Please don't hesitate to reach out directly if you have any questions. 


Thank you,

Michelle Schweitz