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How to Encourage the Next Generation to Pursue a Cybersecurity Career For Just $125

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How to Encourage the Next Generation to Pursue a Cybersecurity Career For Just $125

How to Encourage the Next Generation to Pursue a Cybersecurity Career For Just $125

Community Manager

Entry Level Cert cybersecurity isc2.jpgDo you know someone interested in a career in cybersecurity? At just $125, the new pilot exam for the (ISC)² entry-level certification can catapult their career forward.


In case you missed it, (ISC)² is piloting an entry-level cybersecurity certification exam to help students, young professionals and career changers interested in building a career in cybersecurity receive the education and validation they need on their way to a rewarding career.


With a global cybersecurity skills shortage of more than 2.7 million people, this certification plays a critical role in expanding the available talent pool and quickly verifies candidates’ current skills, but more importantly their aptitude for learning on the job.


No Experience Required

(ISC)² recognizes and supports the growing trend of people entering the cybersecurity workforce without direct IT experience. As such, the entry-level cybersecurity certification pilot  exam is designed to assess candidates’ foundational cybersecurity knowledge while remaining attainable for newcomers.


As cybersecurity threats and challenges continue to increase in complexity, the benefits of bringing in fresh thinking from non-IT backgrounds are innumerable. The latest (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study confirms this hiring trend as cybersecurity professionals believe many non-technical skills, such as problem-solving abilities, communication skills and eagerness to learn, are equally as important as cybersecurity certifications and relevant cybersecurity experience.


Entry-Level Cybersecurity Certification Candidates Save Money Now and Later

The exam fee for the (ISC)² entry-level cybersecurity certification pilot exam is just $125. Those who pass the exam unlock coveted discounts on professional development and educational resources that will advance them further and faster in their career. Current member benefits include discounts on:

  • Industry events, such as RSA Conference, Black Hat and (ISC)² Security Congress
  • Educational resources for all (ISC)² certifications, helping entry-level certified members on a pathway to achieve a more advanced professional or specialized certifications, including CISSP, CCPS and SSCP
  • Professional training, including Secure Compass code training and Commanding Presence public speaking courses 
  • Free membership to the global IT & business think tank, 451 Alliance
  • Security awareness training for your organization

Unlock Full (ISC)² Membership

Those who earn an (ISC)² entry-level cybersecurity certification will unlock full-member benefits, which includes exclusive access to:

  • The entire (ISC)² Professional Development Institute (PDI) catalog
  • Professional development opportunities such as events, webinars and publications, and chances to learn and develop skills while earning Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with peers
  • Discounts ranging from savings on training materials to savings on professional services and industry events

Help Us Spread the Word!

To promote future industry success, we must do everything we can to support the growth and development of the next generation of cybersecurity defenders.


If you know someone interested in a career in cybersecurity, please recommend they register today for the limited-time (ISC)² entry-level cybersecurity certification pilot exam. The new certification will open more doors for newcomers and propel them into a rewarding career in cybersecurity. The only requirement is a passion for pursuing cybersecurity and keeping people safe.


We’re excited about the entry-level certification pilot program, and we hope you are too. Please share this news with your LinkedIn network!


To find out more about the (ISC)² entry-level cybersecurity pilot program and to see the exam outline, please visit:


Planning to take the entry-level cybersecurity exam? Join the study group to connect with others while you prepare: