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CPE Portal Status and Plans for Improvement

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CPE Portal Status and Plans for Improvement

Re: CPE Portal Status and Plans for Improvement

ISC2 Team

In early April, (ISC)² launched a change in the CPE portal submission process. The goal was to make the overall experience better for you, but we know there is still room for improvement. In fact, your feedback and suggestions are the springboard for our action plan to further enhance the portal’s functionalities and user interface.


Here’s some background: The website currently receives 76,000 CPE submissions each month. These submissions are based on a complex set of rules with different restrictions for each type of credit. Many have found this confusing, and we are acting diligently to fix that.


The (ISC)² team looks to complete all enhancement work on the portal in 2019. As we focus on those efforts, we remain fully committed to helping you navigate the existing portal. Guides and tutorials are provided and can be found below.  Please reach out to Member Services at if you encounter any issues during the transition period.


Meanwhile, we ask that you continue to share your recommendations. They are instrumental in the progress we make to deliver the experience you expect, and the value you deserve.


We appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for the difficulties you’ve encountered.





Beth Paredes

Senior Corporate Member Services Manager

Community Champion

@eparedes_214, thanks; this should prove useful, and most of all I'm glad that we finally have a prospective date. I'll say that seeing the portal being fixed has now changed from a fantasy to a hope for me.  


So far as recommendations go, I'm assuming your side has already compiled a list of the same from all the feedback received so far, but I'll mention  the major issues I've been having: 



CPE Portal - 00.png


  1. The CPE Transcript doesn't show the name of the CPE source, only the CPE type, so it's not practical to use this to record the CPEs, or to verify that no duplicate CPEs were accidentally registered.
  2. The CPE Transcript doesn't list the CPEs in a chronological order, which is necessary if you want to keep track of them.



CPE Portal - 01.png



  1. The section to add CPEs has no option to view the CPEs in a chronological order, again making it very difficult to locate / track the CPEs.
  2. I've had duplicate CPEs automatically added at least once, and reported this to Locating duplicates automatically added by the system shouldn't be the responsibility of the users.



(All this must have already been brought to the attention of those responsible for he portal, but I just want to make sure nothing is missed.)




Community Champion

Thanks so much!  Screenshots of the entire process are very helpful when people get stuck in odd places.  


It would help the overall attitude if you were to list the planned enhancements, in approximate priority order.  This would help us understand that our concerns have been received and triaged.    Committing to monthly updates of both the todo and done lists would also be greatly appreciated.


I have seen many cases of members believing that "Pending CPEs" were stuck in the approval process. However, the annotations make it clear that the better phasing would be "Draft CPEs". If you could add this to the todo list, I would appreciate it.



Also, from a testing perspective, you might be well served if 1 of your the certifications on your test account had a different award date to help find bugs associated with the more common scenario of disjoint CPE cycles.


ISC2 Team

 Hello Shannon and William,


Thanks for your responses.  We do have a compiled list of enhancements gathered from feedback from members.  The ones your provided are the most common ones expressed by many.  


I have added ones that you have given; i.e. priority list for enhancements.  Our plan is to push out the new design with all the enhancements incorporated.  I will make sure to reach out to you once we are ready to do some beta tests with a select group.


Once again, thanks for your patience and for your continued support.  We really do appreciate all the constructive feedback you're providing.


Best regards,


Newcomer III

Hi, Beth.

I sat down to use the portal last night to update my CPEs. I'd attended a 3-day conference/exhibition and the organisers had only credited me with one hour for each day despite my clocking in at over a dozen sessions, and Lindsay (EMEA) suggested I fill in the gaps myself. It took a while, largely because I wanted to credit the sessions to the appropriate domains, but after my first false start (user error) it was pretty straightforward. All in all it was a lot better than the old version and I do like being able to upload supporting information. It'll likely help your auditors, too.

I know it's on your to-do list already, but like others I'm looking forward to the time when transcripts are presented in chronological order. Thanks to you and the folk involved in making the improvements.



ISC2 Team

 Thank you all for your patience and continued support.  We appreciate the acknowledgement and look forward to getting your feedback once the enhancements are in place.

Newcomer II

 @eparedes_214 Thank you for information

Viewer II

I may be missing it, but I was previously able to see my status for my 40 CPE annual requirement.  Is that hiding someplace that I have totally missed?  It was nice to have that to be able to plan out my training and education to make sure I have enough CPEs each year.  This is especially relevant for those years (like this one) where work and life has been so busy, it's been hard to find the time to do any extra training/reading/education.


Thanks in advance.

Community Champion

@Kaibutsu, there is no more 40 CPE Annual requirement.  The CISSP requirement has been returned to the original 120 CPEs over the course of your three year certification cycle.  This is a case of more flexibility forcing us to be more responsible.  


@Kaibutsu Thank you for your inquiry. In April 2018, we removed annual CPEs from the renewal requirements. This means that as long as members meet their three-year CPE and AMF requirements by the expiration date of their three-year cycle, they will continue to renew. For example (for a CISSP), if you submit a total of 70 CPEs in year one, 20 in year two, and 30 in year three, this meets the 120 CPE requirement to renew the CISSP certification. Due to the change in the annual CPE requirements, we did remove the status report breaking down each year. The "Active Transcript" located on the CPE Portal page will show you how many CPEs you currently have submitted towards your three-year requirement.


Best Regards,
Amanda Vance

Defender I
@eparedes_214 and @amandavanceISC2 When will the template for the output report be corrected to deal with the issues illustrated by @Shannon. That correction can be done independently of other aspects of the site. Members should not have to wait 9+ months to correct such a poor design of the report. Telllng us to wait until 2019 for an all-or-nothing fix seems like terrible site planning and management.
Newcomer I
Thanks, I really like the improvements done to the CPE portal. Hope you can also provide a list/summary view as an option - where, as some have suggested already, we can sort the CPEs in chronological, alphabetical or categorical order. Thanks again..