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Community Champion

New Magazine issue / new quiz!

As I'm sure many have noticed the new issue of the ISC2 magazine is out!


The interesting things that I found is they the ISC2 has brought the quiz in house on to the ISC2 website instead of sending you to another site. The old quiz had the list of question where you selected your answer and click finish. The new quiz lists each question one at a time and then goes to the next question when you have selected your answer. I did not see a way to go back, and after I answer the last question it simply said I passed. I do think one thing I liked about the old test is that if I got any wrong I could see what I got wrong and what the correct answer was. This might exist on the new quiz and I simply did not see it this time because I answer everything correctly. I can't be sure...


Just a little heads up!



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Contributor II

Agree John, had the same experience.


I also have a few comments:

  • You log in to (ISC)2 to do the quiz, the quiz opens in a new tab (still ISC2 as it mentions my name in the top right corner), but wants to know who I am and what my certification ID is. Ehhhhm ... they know who I am so why ask?
  • At the end of the quiz it stated I passed the quiz and that it will take approximately 15 business days to have the 2 CPEs applied to my record. 15 business days. Wow. And I thought BSB was slow with 5 days.
  • Make sure you include your own name in the top right corner. In this way you have (little) evidence you did the quiz, as there is no proof to be found you passed the quiz once you leave this page



Newcomer I

Trying to do the quiz right now, it just takes me to a 404. Has the quiz been taken down for retooling?

Viewer II

Besides the previous quiz allowed us to print results, and we used the same for our various certifications (such as ISACA or EC-Council).


How do we do it now? Hope there is a provision to print the Quiz result along with date of taking the quiz and the number of CPE hours

Ahmed Anwar
Community Manager

Hi @asanwar 


We are working on it and hope to have it set up next month allowing you to print out or take a screen shot of your proof of a passing score.


Thanks for your patience!

ISC2 Community Manager
Viewer II

I took the quiz this morning, after answering the 10th question, I clicked next and nothing happens. I did not get a test result, that is completely puzzling.