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Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone,


New to the community? Have a question? Or just want to tell us a little about yourself? Feel free to do so in this thread.

Jayda Shriver
Volunteer & Member Engagement Manager
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@doonwind wrote:

Hello Folks,


Good day to you all , new member into the community just saying hello.


Achieved first (ISC)² certification earlier this year, and have fifteen years commercial working experience in various fields.



Kind Regards,




Welcome aboard to this fine community site.  


Paul Guido

Newcomer II

Welcome to the community Graeme, and congratulations on getting your first certification.  Which certification did you get?  Also, since you described it as your "first", does that mean you are planning to get more and if so, which additional certifications are you thinking about getting?

Newcomer I




Many thanks for the reply, I got my SSCP in April this year. I am having a break from certification been studying and sitting certification’s since 2002.


I may pursue another certification later next year though.


kind Regards,


Newcomer I

Hi, I'm Aaron and i'm a CISSP.


I'm employed by Sophos and I'm one of their Pre-Sales people based in Australia.


Currently using my CISSP to help provide deeper understanding of risk within the cyber realm and how to deal with it.


Also starting to explore more offensive security training!  Fun times!

Newcomer I

Hi everyone,
I am CISSP and cyber security researcher & professional in Pakistan. I am also a PhD student of cyber security domain and would be glad to contribute in discussions on the role of machine learning and AI oriented techniques and systems for cyber security.
Viewer III

I'm new to the community, but I've been involved with IT and security work since 2001. Mostly as a sysadmin and desktop geek. I have a Sec+ cert, which I keep alive through training and events.  This next few months I'll be attempting the CISSP test.  I see the ISC2 org has published a lot of the focused content for CISSP.  So many training experts exist that its hard to decide who to run with.  Goal is Jan.

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My name is Sheryl and I'm a CISSP.  Smiley Happy


I passed the exam in September and received my certificate at the end of October.  I also have CEH and GCUX certificates.  I've never held a job that was strictly a security job, but computer security has been at least 1/4 of my job for over 25 years.  I enjoy hands-on work rather than management.  I changed jobs this year in search of new challenges, and the new job required one of a few possible certificates.  I decided to pursue the CISSP because it has a reputation as being difficult.


My first degree is in Mathematics and I came into the field via engineering, scientific programming and system programming.  Although I started out with mainframes and real time minicomputers, my main focus has been UNIX/Linux for most of my career.  I like assignments that are hard enough to keep my interest, and I enjoy the detective work that is a large part of systems administration and computer security. 


I was well into my career before certification became popular, and like many people from the early days of the open source community certifications weren't a priority for me.  I only started going for certificates in the past 5 years, partly because they are becoming important in the hiring process even for UNIX/Linux people, to document my existing skills and show that I can grow and learn new things.  I found the CISSP in particular to be an interesting review.  There were many things I recognized from early in my career but hadn't used in a while. 


I look forward to participating in my new community.







Newcomer II

I quite a newcomer to Cyber Security but look forward to learning and enhancing new skills. Good luck with the CISSP. I managed to pass last year but I found it to be the most difficult exam I have ever prepared for. I did enjoy the study material though. All the best


Hari 🙂

Newcomer I

Good evening Community; figured I have read the boards long enough and should say hi. 


Look forward to reading and learning from everyone. 


Passed my CISSP Nov 18th, and been endorsed, just waiting on confirmation from ISC2 now. 




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Good day,


I have been a CISSP since 2008 and recently finished a Bachelors program at UMUC in Information Systems Management with a minor in Cybersecurity. I have a mixture of govt contracting and private industry experience mostly in the Risk and Vulnerability Management arenas. I am hoping to get more involved in the community now and ramp up the certs now that school has been completed.