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Just a rant. Move along if you don't like rants.


I passed the exam first week of September. I accidentally signed up for the exam under a different email than I had created my ISC2 account with so when I tried to start the endorsement it said I hadn't passed the exam yet. I emailed ISC2 and they said they could merge the emails/accounts. Cool. Weeks passed. Nothing had happened. Every couple of weeks I would email and they would say to just wait. Eventually I just created the second ISC2 account with the email address I had taken the test under, re-entered all of my endorsement info, and then the endorsement process began. More weeks passed and I emailed and they say that they still need to merge the accounts and then the endorsement process can begin. Ugh.


I have never put in so much work and paid so much money for such poor service! But they know they are the only game in town and that if I want the cert so I'll have to wait however long they want to make me wait. 😞

When I got my RHCE I had the cert SAME DAY. I know they have this whole certification process to go through but it's pretty clear to me they are just sitting on their hands here.

My employer paid for this and now they are wondering where my cert is.

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Community Champion

Congratulations on passing the exam! Did you call (ISC)2 Member Services? 

Advocate II

At the risk of doing poor Tom Jones impression it's not unusual.

ISACA are also painfully slow.

Joining CIISec as a full member took about 12 months.  


Newcomer II


With all of the turmoil around Covid - 19 and the attack on USA democracy why would you get wrapped around the axle about your certification announcement?  Be grateful that you  live in a country that has a certification program that we can all be proud of and cool your jets!  


IMHO.  JohnG