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Community Manager

(ISC)² Community Guidelines

UPDATED: June 2018

Welcome to the (ISC)² Community!


The mission of this online community is to provide a shared space where (ISC)² members, cyber experts, and IT security professionals can go to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and develop the best practices required to manage the ever-evolving needs and interests of the cyber industry.


The (ISC)² Community welcomes everyone with an interest in cyber, information, software and infrastructure security.  It is important that you observe these community rules:


We ask all our Community users to be respectful and stay respectful. To help you do this, here are a few quick do’s and don’ts.


  • Be courteous to other users – stay positive and remember to treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Be inclusive in discussions and do your best to be mindful of other users’ needs and time
  • Be relevant – please keep discussions to their recommended areas and adhere to the community’s goals. If you are unsure if a topic is relevant to the community, please do not hesitate to ask one of the community team members
  • Be lawful - Do not any violate any laws or break any contractual agreements you have made.


  • Post insults, swear words, legal threats, controversial political statements, discriminatory remarks, and/or illegal content
  • Create off-topic comments – instead create a new post and link to the original if needed
  • Post the same message in multiple areas – stick to one, you’ll get the best discussions by not splitting up the conversation
  • Troll – nobody likes the troll, and please, no feeding the trolls, either. We respect the right to be open and honest but do ask for any criticism to be constructive


With the basics out of the way, let’s touch on a few more specific areas:


(ISC)² Exam Confidentiality

Discussing (ISC)² Examination questions, answers and responses with other individuals is a violation of the (ISC)² Examination Non-Disclosure Agreement that is signed prior to taking an (ISC)² examination. Any posts related to this will be removed.


Respect Privacy

Please do not share personal information. If someone asks you for personal information, do not post it. Personal information may include things like your home address, full name, credit card numbers, social security numbers, email address, etc. In addition, please do not request the personal information of other users. If you would like to exchange personal information with a Community member that you know and trust, please feel free to do so using the Private Message function.


Unwelcome Content

  • No Solicitation
    Please do not solicit or advertise paid services in either posts, private messages, or any other means of communication. Even if they may be beneficial to community members, we want to make sure no one is overwhelmed or thinks they need to pay for additional services when using the community, and that all links they click on feel safe.

  • No Advertisements
    Please do not post advertisements or links to content that violate our guidelines. 


Consider Content Length

Lengthy posts can be a bit intimidating on a forum and might discourage people from reading. Summarize your thoughts or question into a short paragraph with a few points to start a discussion within the community. When reposting information from a blog, contributed article, or other information, provide a brief overview and include a link to the original source. 


Flag Inappropriate Content

If you notice any content that violates these guidelines, please use the menu of the top right of a post, then select “Report Inappropriate Content” from the bottom of the menu and it will be reviewed by a Community team member.


(ISC)² Employees

(ISC)² employees will be properly marked by a lime green icon containing the word “(ISC)²". These are members of the Community who will share their knowledge and expertise on (ISC)² products and services.


Moderation & Violations

This Community is monitored by (ISC)2 Administrators and Moderators, who are labeled appropriately within the Community. Posts may be edited, including deleting of content, or completely removed if they violate any of these guidelines. Community users who violate these guidelines may also be subject to further action up to and including a temporary suspension or permanent ban from the Community.


By using our community, you agree to these rules, as well as the Website Access Policy for the (ISC)² Community. Content that violates the Website Access Policy or these rules will be removed and violators may be removed from using our community.



If you have any questions about the community or are unsure about any of these guidelines, please feel free to reach out to anyone with the ADMIN (Administrator) or MOD (Moderator) tag next to their username, or email


UPDATED: June 2018


Jayda Shriver
Volunteer/Member Engagement Manager
2 Replies
Newcomer II

Re: (ISC)² Community Guidelines

I cannot stress enough the no solicitation and no advertisement rules. I am looking forward to an active discussion on all topics IT Security that should be geared towards learning from each other and not trying to sell a product or service.

Community Champion

Re: (ISC)² Community Guidelines

@isc2jadeand @SamanthaO_isc2, I've noticed that members often create posts without doing a search on the community --- in many cases, other posts have already discussed their matter and provided solutions.


I would suggest adding a section to the guidelines, recommending that members perform a search to find items that may relate to their queries / concerns / updates / news, before they post the same anywhere.


(Alternatively, they could turn on the feature to enable suggestions when typing a subject, but if the subject being typed isn't relevant to the post, this won't do any good)



Shannon D'Cruz,