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I am Struggling to start a carrier in Cybersecurity

This is Lienge, i am happy that my request to join the Certified in Cybersecurity community has been approved, i came across the certified in cybersecurity course some few months ago and i have been very interested in the field, thanks to IISSCC i got my study material from IISSCC and it has been a great achievement studying on my own, I wrote the CC exam in December 2022, that was my first attempt and sorry for me, i did not make it, so I am here because I wish to meet people with same minds and also get more knowledge to be able to peruse a career in cybersecurity. I am from Cameroon, a country in Central Africa. The field of cybersecurity is not a talk of the day in my country where as it should because most people using the internet don't know safe practices, people don't understand the safety needed in handling data, I guess finding a carrier in Cybersecurity can only be possible for me if i am in this CC community. Please can anyone help me on some books or sources of good educative information on CC, I do not mind writing the exams 10 times, I just hope that some day I make it and I can get a job and also introduce the course to my community where I grew up. Thank you all. I am really happy to be part of this great community, I will appreciate all the assistance I can get from you all and as well contribute to the community.  

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Newcomer I

Hey, how's it going. First thing I would say is do not give up. One of the toughest part is getting into the cybersecurity industry. I failed my first CC exam last year, but I took another exam early this year and passed. Right now I'm in the IT field but looking to break into the cybersecurity sector, same as you.

Some things that helped me to pass my CC exam, do not only rely on the self paced material provided by isc2, I believe you can mix of couple of other resources and tools: Dr Messer on YouTube has a great course of security and he holds live sessions every month, cybersecurity books/pdf by Darryl Gibson, Udemy online courses by Jason Dion. Also there are free cybersecurity learning/practice exam apps on the Apple app store or Google play store. Get Flashcards to help study, either physical or online version (i.e Anki - free) 

Last always make sure you study everyday or try to (1 hr+). It is all about accountability. These are my own recommendations. Again do not give up.


PS. if you're finding it hard to break into Cybersecurity sector, maybe start with finding/applying for IT helpdesk/system admin roles it will prepare you for those CS roles.


Best of Luck

Community Champion

I hope you treat your current experience in cybersecurity with the same striving curiosity as that which led you here.  Always keep learning.  Always stay curious.


As far as learning materials, the online study guides provided by (ISC)² are sufficient to pass the CC exam, but it never hurts to find other materials to supplement your learning.  I'm always a fan of flash cards, but that's just me.  There's a book available which can supplement your learning.


Long-term, I strongly recommend this book: Security Engineering - A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems (  It does not focus on any certification, but it is a thorough volume which describes the value delivered by well-planned security.


I wish you well in your studies!

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