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Community Manager

Community Usage Policy Guidelines Updated

(ISC)² Community Users,


We have updated our Community Usage Guidelines Policy. Please review and use this document as your guide for posting, commenting and engaging with other users on this Community. 


As we head into political season both globally and in the United States, it’s a good time to remind ourselves to stay on-topic. This Community is meant to be a welcoming, professional place for everyone, so please refrain from political discussions.


We recognize that issues of data breaches, deep fakes, image manipulation, financial data security, national security and secrecy, and much more will be top of the news agenda and part of our virtual water cooler discussions in the coming months and beyond. These are important issues. They most certainly have information security implications. Yet, we are also aware that there is a fine line between discussing the cybersecurity aspects of topical issues and falling into heated political debate that can quickly extend beyond the intended scope of this forum. We ask everyone to be mindful of our revised guidelines.


Thank you for your attention and all you’re doing to help this Community grow, thrive, and become a valuable resource for professionals at all stages of their careers and professional growth.


If you have any questions, please reach out to me or other staff on the Community.



Andrea Moore

(ISC)² Community Manager
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Contributor I

Re: Community Usage Policy Guidelines Updated

Very good and welcome message.  


Francis (Frank) Mayer, CISSP