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Community Champion

Happy New Year! What are your predictions?

2021 will be an interesting year! Here is what we can expect to see:


  1. Ransomware attacks will be more impactful.
  2. Cryptocurrency exchanges will continue to suffer “breaches”.
  3. Bounty Hunters will continue to reap the benefits of insecure code.
  4. Sophisticated spyware will spread throughout the Open Source ecosystem.
  5. Contactless payment systems will be the subject of international fraud and intrigue.

What are your predictions?

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Influencer II

Politicians will continue to make stupid and ignorant comments about CoVID-19
and the vaccines.

People will still get hit by ransomware because they didn't make backups.

Not as many people as you think will be affected by ransomware because the
media, and most companies, will continue to confuse ransomware and

The casino known as cryptocurrency will continue to operate even where
gambling is illegal, and will swing wildly without any particular reason.

The media will continue to write articles completely misrepresenting quantum
computing and its applications because they don't know the difference between
quantum computing and quantum cryptography.

More companies will jump on the differential privacy bandwagon. Since they
don't know what it actually is, none of them will actually use it.

Yet another security framework will be announced with great fanfare, and a minor
industry will spring up with people consulting and teaching you how to use it
and/or get certified for it. Because it has a new name, few will realize that it is just
a minor variation on one of the existing security frameworks.

Even though we have just passed through a pandemic and have had ample
examples of what went wrong with our business continuity plans, BCP will
continue to be ignored.

Ignorance, misinformation, and disinformation will continue to be spread via
social media.

Someone will promote yet another application for blockchain to solve an
intractable problem, in a situation where blockchain technology is completely

====================== (quote inserted randomly by Pegasus Mailer)
Stand firm and immovable as an anvil when it is beaten upon
- St. Ignatius


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