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containers, functions, serverless etc

this is my first post so i hope it's in the correct location...


i've been working in IT for over 20 years. my background is infrastructure (servers, virtual servers, firewalls, load balancers, PKI, switches, storage, etc) - i've never really dabbled with programming. i now work in cyber security strategy (think more of a CISO type role), but i'm concerned that everything seems to be about writing api's and functions these days, which is an area i know little about


obviously i'm not about to start learning how to become a developer at this stage in my career, but how can an experienced IT professional learn enough about the basics of api's, containers and functions to be able to make risk-informed decisions at a strategic level?


interested to hear your thoughts

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To me I would suggest doing one of the programming fundaments course you can find for free online. I know there should be one at Microsoft learn. I say this because you should have a basic understanding of programing so you can follow what's going on and hopefully shot BS. I don't think you could need to write an api or function but understanding how they work and what can make then insecure might be needed. This might require a little more that the fundamentals course. Then with containers, I don't see this as a programing thing but more operations, and again just understanding the basics and what step are needed to make then secure are what matters.


Now lets see what ever one else thinks..


Also, Happy Friday!



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Both Microsoft (Azure) and Amazon (AWS) have hundreds of hours of free to near free education (you pay for utilization time on machinery of course) that will take you through everything from the fundamentals to the largest Kubentes/Hadoop/Cassandra/Cosmos installs.






I spent next to nothing training on AWS sticking to tiny VMs where MS was a bit more expensive but much more upfront about the costs involved. Other than that its just another technology to learn.


- b/eads

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