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ISC2 Former Staff

Try the New CPE Portal

Thank you to all our volunteer testers and for all the members who provided your feedback to help improve the (ISC)2 CPE Portal. The new portal is live, and we encourage you to check it out at


You’ll discover:


  • New look and feel that creates a more intuitive experience
  • Enhanced performance making the portal quicker and more responsive
  • Easier to review transcripts and track draft CPEs submissions


We’ve also addressed many user-reported issues, such as simplifying the decision path, improved organization, and clearer direction.


The entire team at (ISC)2 is committed to improving service levels and delivering value to all our members and associates. We’re confident the new portal will make it easier and less time-consuming for you to maintain your certification or associate status.


Thanks again to all our testers! Your diligence and input were invaluable prior to today’s launch.



Bruce Beam, CISSP


22 Replies

I am seeing SSO sign-on failures going to (displays a salesforce SSO error). Is the page down?

I've tried this on 4 different laptops originating from 3 different networks in 4 different browsers with identical results.

Community Manager

Hi @rsaffell - this should be fixed for you now. Can you try again and let me know? 

Contributor II

Need help -  Want to make sure I do this right because I don't wawnt enter dates that cause my 111 CPEs to disappear so close to the end of my 3 year term (which happens in November, 2020) 


What dates do I enter here? 

When I try to enter a new CPE, I get the following pop-up:



Add New CPE

To ensure that your CPE aligns with the appropriate domains, changing the date requires you to restart the CPE submission process.
Community Champion

One of the current complaints with the new portal is you can't delete CPEs even if you want to, so there's very little chance of you being able to delete them by accident!


Just enter the dates you started and ended the activity for which you are submitting the CPEs.


I also answered your other query for you:


Community Champion

@DHerrmann wrote:

I don't want ... 111 CPEs to disappear

Just save a PDF of your CPE report every once in a while.  


Then if your CPEs disappear, you would attach the report as evidence for a single new entry entitled "restoring 111 CPEs lost in the great CPE purge of Apr-2020".

Advocate I



Saving a .pdf occasionaly advice isn't reinforcing much in the way of confidence in the system (once again). Thanks for the reassuring heads up. Its a good reminder of past problems.


- b/eads

Newcomer I

Experiencing this issue now on 2 different machines.

Viewer II

The description of ISC2 webinars reads "The live, on-demand APAC Secure Webinar Series is a remote learning tool that gives (ISC)² members and participants access to a wide range of information security related topics in a free, flexible and bite-size approach. All webinars are launched in APAC time zone and Asian languages including Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. The content is made available to you to meet your CPE requirement and help you increase your knowledge of important and relevant topics in just 60 minutes. CPEs will be automatically added to (ISC)² member’s profile after attending the webinar."

But i have not seen the last 2 webinars i attended in my records. Is the automatic record feature working?


EDIT: oh nevermind. I just saw the minimum requirement for auto-entry to  be 45 mins, and my last attendance was 44 mins.

Newcomer I

I have been trying tof ovdf 20 minutes to find out where to log CPE's on the website.   I can't find any place to do this.


Is there a simple way to get to cpe logging (which I do only once or twice a year?

Community Champion

I’m afraid like expenses, investments and exercise little and often is best… between ads for peace of mind and no experience required instajob super certs you’ll find the dashboard. In a fit of really bad UI design someone secreted it there: