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Looking for one or more case studies for a new university course

Hello. I am a university professor, creating a new course as a capstone for an undergraduate cybersecurity degree. I will be using the Implementing Cybersecurity textbook by Kohnke, Sigler, and Shoemaker.


I would like to find an organizational case study (free/open source preferred) where students could work through each of the major aspects of the NIST framework using information from the textbook, from the case study and from individual research. The major deliverable for the 8-week online course will be an overall cyber security analysis, with recommendations, for the organization that is the topic of the case study.


Can anyone recommend such a case study from ISC2 or elsewhere that might be suitable for my course?


Thank you in advance,

Marty Crossland, PhD

Professor and Chair, CIS programs


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> StefanAlbrecht (Viewer) edited a reply in Tech Talk on 06-30-2020 01:34 AM


> Hello,   I'm a college professor from Lucerne (teaching a summer course in
> cyber security at Lucerne School of Information Technology). My course will be a
> 4-weeks training session with practical tasks for advanced students (majoring in
> Information Technology and Cyber Security). Where can I find examples and case
> studies for my course?


You're kidding, right?


I mean, right now I'm writing a book that uses the CoVID-19 pandemic as a single case study to teach all kinds of teach security principles in all of the domains of security ...


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