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Delete Chrome

Hi, Forbes and News Limited are running with a story suggesting that Google advises users to "delete Chrome now".

It seems pretty sketchy and unlikely.  The articles come up in my Google News feed, but I can't find any similar recommendations on Google sites themselves.

I've tried my government cybersecurity agencies, and they have no similar advisories out.


So...  yes this message makes me look like a bit of an idiot, but it would also be unprofessional not to quickly dig as hard as I could into a (purported) issue of this size.



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Defender I

Lyle @LyleWilliams 

Google has not advised anyone to delete Chrome; rather, Forbes has been advising folks to dump Chrome since early August, due to the increased level of user tracking and resultant loss of privacy. See the following stories and videos:


Aug 28, 2021,06:30 am EDT|
Why You Should Delete Google Chrome After New Tracking Admission


Oct 2, 2021,06:30 am EDT|
Google's Latest Tracking Nightmare For Chrome Comes In Two Parts


Why You Suddenly Need To Delete Google Chrome | Straight Talking Cyber | Forbes
Aug 28, 2021


Should You Delete Google Chrome? | Straight Talking Cyber | Forbes
Oct 2, 2021


I deleted Chrome from my iMac six months ago because the uncontrollable background activity of the browser was slowing my computer to a crawl and interfering with responsiveness of unrelated programs. On the other hand, I am using my Samsung Chromebook to post this reply; clearly I cannot delete Chrome from this notebook.


p.s. when you cite articles for discussion, please include links and title.







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Thanks Craig.


It was being reported as "Google recommends ..." rather than "Forbes recommends ..."

There is a big difference between "Health magazine recommends you don't drink Coke" and "the Coca Cola company tells you to immediately discard any Coke you have."     🙂

Had this been a genuine Google position, a lot more would have appeared since the original (mis)reporting.


It had been clear from the outset that the purpose of Chrome was to simplify and optimise the business of being Google.  Nobody should be surprised about that.





Newcomer I

Ha ha. Google's customers/users should give a Zero Trust to Google, Such as:

Replace Chrome with ungoogled chromium.


And more, give a Zero Trust to MS:

Replace VS Code with VS Codium.


Things you can add...