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Newcomer I

CC Exam Questions

Hey, Now CC Exam is going now, Any one can help me.  Which type's of Questions are Come in Exam. also including lab?  

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There is a confidentiality clause within all ISC2 examination criteria, which prevents candidates from divulging such information.   Therefore you may not receive responses to your question.   If confidentially clauses are breached, then either the candidate is expelled or legal action may occur.  There is a level of trust and integrity expected from all candidates.   


The best thing to do is study, find your own way through and develop oneself at the same time.   There is no substitute for hard work, devotion and determination to battle through barriers whether they are learning ones, or new ideas and concepts.    


You can of course set up a study group, locally or even remotely to assist each other to learn as another means of keeping them and yourself motivated through the process and develop at the same time.


Also use the ISC2 CC practice questions as well too, and guidance.


You can look for third party providers, to provide examination guidance and practice questions, at cost. 


The best thing is to read widely, take in different perspectives and learn from the experience.  

Also ask yourself are you suited for being a cyber security practitioner? 


Are you curious, investigative and want to know how things actually work? 


Do you have the time, dedication and determination to succeed?


However, if you want examples look at the following:


There are no guarantee's as to how close they reflect the real exam, but at least it provides a flavour for the type of questions that will be asked.








Newcomer I

Going throughly self paced course and related YT may help a lot.

Newcomer II

Thor pederson videos also good & his study guide also helps a lot for CC after completing self paced course need to have understanding on concepts & practicing Flashcards also important
Viewer II

Absolutely, confidentiality is crucial in maintaining the integrity of examinations and upholding professional standards. It's understandable that organizations like ISC2 would enforce strict confidentiality clauses to protect the integrity of their certification programs. Trust and integrity are indeed fundamental in such contexts, and candidates are expected to adhere to these principles to maintain the credibility of the certifications tapping or taping they seek.

Reader I

Make sure you are well-prepared. The online self-paced courses are a valuable resource. Also, focus on the domains with higher weight percentages.


1. Security Principles26%
2. Business Continuity (BC), Disaster Recovery (DR) & Incident Response Concepts10%
3. Access Controls Concepts22%
4. Network Security24%
5. Security Operations18%


I passed the exam a few days ago. It's not hard, and you can do it, but it's not that easy either.