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Acronyms every Parent should know

Recently, I used an acronym in the Community, thinking everyone would know what I meant.  Well that is not always the case.


I do Security awareness training for different folks (some parents, some seniors, some 'tweens, etc.).  In the course, that I do for parents, I always include a take-away of acronyms,


Here is the list (feel free to add to it)


9               Parents watching

99             Parents gone

143          I love you

1432        I love you too

ATM        At The moment

gerd          Abbreviation for ermagerd (Oh my God)

GR8          Great

CMB         Call Me Back

CUNS       See You In School

F2F          Face to Face

FOAF       Friend Of A Friend

FML          F*** My Life

FTW          For The Win

GTG           Got to Go

GTFO       Get the F* Out

HAK        Hugs and Kisses

HMU       Hit Me Up

IKR         I Know, Right?

IDC          I Don’t Care

IDK         I don’t Know

ITA/D     I Totally Agree/Disagree

IRL         In real life

J/K         Just Kidding

KK          Okay

KPC        Keeping Parents Clueless 

KWIM    Know what I mean?

L&R        Love and respect

mmk       Mmm…okay

MEGO     My Eyes are Glazing Over

MYT        Meet You There

NAGI       Not A Good Idea

NBD        No Big Deal

NGH       Not Gonna Happen

NMP        Not My Problem

NSFW      Not Safe for Work

NSFL       Not Safe for Life

NTIM       Not That It Matters

N00B      Newbie

OATUS   On a totally unrelated subject

O RLY    Oh, really?

P&C         Private and Confidential

PIR          Parent in room

POS        Parent over shoulder

PITA        Pain in the A**

REHI       Hi, again

RUOK      Are You OK?

QQ            Crying (often humorously)

SFSG       So Far So Good

SLT         Something Like That

SOL         Sh** Out of Luck

SUP        What’s up?

UOK        Are you okay?

4Q             F*** You

VCDA      Vaya Con Dios, Amigo

VSF         Very Sad Face

WDYM  What Do You Mean?

WFM     Works For Me

WRUD    What Are You Doing?

WTG        Way To Go!

W00T      Hooray!

WTH        What The Hell?

XOXOZZZ Hugs, kisses, sweet dreams

ZOMG       Oh my God

ASL(R P)   Age **gender** Location (Race /Picture)

BRB         Be right back

CD9          Code 9 - parents around


Keep in mind, this is not a complete list.


I typically refer folks to which has a much more complete list.







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Community Champion

ok, I am going to admit it... I knew a handful and the rest just made me feel old! hahah



Newcomer III

When my son was in early high school, over a decade ago, I asked him what "WTF" meant. I forget whether he had used it or whether I had seen it somewhere else. He told me, with almost no hesitation, it meant "win the fight". That didn't seem to entirely fit the context, but I didn't question it.


It was only much later that I learned it means "What the f***"!


Edit to add: It turns out the youngsters are confused by our jargon and buzzwords:



Community Manager

Add in all the industry acronyms for cybersecurity and IT and it's just alphabet soup!

ISC2 Community Manager
Community Champion

@AndreaMoore is it just me or when you are looking for a job it makes your head spin! you want jkhbmbbkhkjmbb huh what? they start requiring all this VERY specific thing like it's common practice..



Community Champion

@dcontestiI can add a whole heap of ones used from the Morse Code days, no wonder when Text Message competitions take on Continuous Wave (CW) or Morse Code - Morse Code always wins the competition.


It is far faster and efficient at conveying messages across a very restricted bandwidth of no more than 400 Hz wide.


Then if you really want to look professional, revert to Q-Codes:


Plus you can also add the Z-Codes as well:


Or use ZBN2 "Please put a competent operator on"


Which historically relates to ACP131:


When I originally trained as a Maritime Radio Officer, yes all those years ago, I have had to learn all 150 of them, for the Safety of Life at Sea examination, where you had to be almost 100 percent accurate.


No wonder so many people get confused these days!