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Newcomer I

MetricCon X Call for Papers was started by a group of obsessive security and risk
professionals way back in the dark ages of security — the early 2000s. The
first gathering of “security quants” was held in September 2006, with eight
more conferences following, plus 6 mini-conferences. As Metricon celebrates
its tenth conference, it is worth reflecting on a body of practice that is
now well over ten years old.

Metricon X will be held in March 2019. It will ask and answer the following

   - *Plus ça change…* Twelve years older, are we any wiser as a community?
   - *Influence and persuasion*. What works? How do we communicate
   risk-through-numbers to the business?
   - *Battle scars*. What lessons have we learned the hard way? What did
   you wish you had absorbed sooner?
   - *Hopes and dreams*. Ten years from now, what would success look like?

We welcome submissions on security metrics success stories; lessons
learned; practical examples that work; and progress on challenging problems
that remain to be solved.
Call for Participation

For the first time ever, Metricon X will be a 2-day event. It will be on
March 21st and 22nd at Stevens Institute of Technology
<> in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Capacity is limited. If you would like to attend, send an e-mail to
metriconx *at* securitymetrics *dot*org. In the email, please provide a
short summary of your experience with security metrics, and areas of

If you have a formal submission or specific concept you would like to see
included in the agenda, please attach it to your email.

All participants are expected to “come with findings” and be willing to
contribute to group discussions. Politeness will be praised; questions,
encouraged; levity, welcomed; and lurkers, flushed out.
Key Dates

   - *September 27, 2018*. Call for Papers opens
   - *December 20, 2018*. Deadine for submissions
   - *January 15, 2019*. Speakers and agenda announcement
   - *March 21 and 22, 2019*. Metricon X convenes

Conference Organizers

   - Jennifer Bayuk
   - Dan Geer
   - Alex Hutton
   - Jay Jacobs
   - Andy Jaquith (event chair)
   - Mukul Pareek
   - Walt Williams

The proceedings of all past meetings are available on the
<> website.