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Privacy watchdogs taking a look at Tim Hortons app's location tracking technology

A recent article in the Financial Post suggests that some tracking applications (they called out Tim Horton's) track more than a user might expect including where they live, where they vacation, etc.


Privacy commissioners (Federal, BC and Quebec) are investigating Tim's app.




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I wish people (in general) would wake up and smell the coffee. What good is a mobile app if it can't phone home with your location? Commissioners where have you been? GPS tracking solves the marketing problem of knowing where you work (usually, not at home) and where you live. COIVD-19 has been a real bonus to marketers. They have solved the holy grail problem of knowing where you live and now know your household income. They know what your disposable income is better than you do. They also know your credit history. They also know whether your a "valued Timmies consumer" or if you cheat and go to Starbucks...


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I really hate to plead ignorance regarding apps, but I'm very glad to keep few apps on my smartphone.  So far, there are no compelling reasons to add them.


That said, I do have Snapchat.  It's strictly for my wife and our kids, and I'm fully aware that it divulges information to third parties... but it makes me very happy to see that they have not determined my demographic.  I'm still getting ads for makeup.

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> I feel pretty... oh, so pretty...

o/' You're ... so vain,
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