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ISC2 Former Staff

CPEs at Security Congress

Here's some useful information about CPEs for this year's event:


CPE Security Congress Information:


  • Full Conference Attendee only: 28 CPEs
  • Town Hall: 2 CPEs
  • 2-day pre-conference session: 16
  • 1 half day clinic: 4 CPEs
  • Single Day Conference Attendee: 8 CPEs
  • Expo Hall Only: 4 CPEs
  • Chapter Leadership Meeting Only: 4 CPEs
  • SSO Training Only: 1 CPE


MAXIMUM CPEs Earned during Congress: 46 CPEs

22 Replies
Newcomer I

Absolutely! The Jazz & Blues city waits for us in 2018!!!

Newcomer I

Hi Jessie, 


This may not be relevant but I hope you can assist me with this. 


For some reason my CPE's are not appearing in my account.


I recently attended IP EXPO 2017 Europe and attended a number of talks related to Cyber Security. My badge was always scanned and I was advised that my ISC2 CPE's will be automatically added to my account. This was also mentioned in the website. I attended quite a few talks during the event.


The IP EXPO 2017 Europe was held at London EXcel (4-5 October 2017). Please advise why I am not getting my CPE added to my account. I am making all efforts to attend these summits and I am not getting CPE. This could have a potential impact when I come to end of next year as I need to have a certain amount of CPE's.


Kindly, please advise



ISC2 Former Staff

Dear Faisal,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please note that it can take up to 3 weeks for CPEs earned in events to be added to your account.

Wait a few more days and if they are still missing please drop me an email on

I will be delighted to follow up for you.

Best Regards,

Julian Ruiz